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IOC - useful or not?

Feb 6, 2015
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I used to fly IOC with my old Naza quadcopter, but am sure it caused me more crashes than without it (owing to incorrect stick inputs at the 'panic' moments).

I was just interested to know if people use it much with the inspire? I've not done so yet, but would do if I felt it would enable me to get better footage. I guess it's no use for any kind of monitor-based work - only line of sight.
I guess it's no use for any kind of monitor-based work - only line of sight.
Exactly. I think it makes it easier for beginners to fly but once you know what you are doing, assuming you can see it well enough, I prefer the normal mode.
From what I have learned, orientation is the most difficult thing for a beginner with a quad like this (harder quads you have much more to worry about).
i think it's great on paper, but after a while of flying normal you can totally lose it in IOC i think - i find i have to concentrate harder. It's especially problematic with HD image on a big screen, because what you see on the monitor and what you see in the air no longer match
I teach people to fly in some classes I hold. A private investigation company near me trains all of their investigators to use them. I go over the option with them but always recomend flying without it. I am a firm believer in learning the hardest way first so when the crap hits the fan, the operator can bring it in or down safely.
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