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iPad Cable issues

Mar 1, 2015
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Hi all,

Anyone having an issue with usb to lightning cables for their iPad mini 2? I have tried the original iPad cable (footage cuts in and out on screen) , a mini 30cm cable (get nothing) and a thick non standard iPad full length cable (perfect)

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a mini cable that will work well on the set up?

No issues with this cable so far. I bought it because i didn't want a long-*** cable coiled up hanging off the controller.

Amazon link above^^
Yeah whatever you do with the IPad cable do not coil it up & lay it over one of the antenna's. Kinda surprised DJI doesn't mention that. Spend the extra $20.00 & buy a 1.5' cable from Amazon or your local Apple Store.

Coincidently, I found a 9" mini-HDMI to Mini HDMI for $6.00 if you're outputting to goggles like Cinemizer's if anyone is interested...


Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I think i have found the issue with the mini cable, it apparently is a fast charge (no data) cable!

Sirnikolas my original cable from Apple just kept dropping the feed every 5 seconds, was very annoying.
There might be a fault with the cable, i'll take it back to apple and get it replaced and update you
I'd say it would be a fault with your cable as their cables are for charging and syncing data. Plus, I've read that a lot of people have had issues with their cables.
Meh! I'll just buy one and see how it goes.
Thanks sebtrellis, let us know how you go and I will too.
I bought 2 50cm lightning cables direct from the Applestore. They work perfectly! Using them on IPad Mini2 and IPad Air2

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