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Issue With Random Colored Pixels in Still Photos

Feb 11, 2015
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Is anyone else noticing random colored pixels in still photos taken with the Inspire? For instance I have a picture with a large amount of blue sky there's hundreds of speckled colored pixels throught the entire photo. Tried the same indoors pointed at a black backdrop and same behavior. This happens no matter what format or resolution I'm shooting in. Of course contacted my authorized reseller and they're being no help what so ever just telling me it's DJI's issue and "This is not the first occurrence of this we've heard of". I don't have the photo on my phone now but I'll upload it later to show what I'm talking about..

I have a support ticket with DJI lets see how long this takes to get a response. So far between the delay in the App, the firmware issues and the camera bugs I haven't had many chances to fly this thing let only fly confidently.. Not feeling worth $3000 at this point.
It has been reported with other DJI software that some virus malware reports a virus. I believe that it was confirmed that the software was clean in the prior cases. I will leave this to our IT professionals.
I do see the colored pixel, BUT only in simple picture preview software.
When i load the pictures into Lightroom they are gone/corrected.

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