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Litchi on iOS

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Jul 17, 2015
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Ok not quite yet! But we have been hard at work and are looking for a limited amount of testers to give us feedback. The waypoint mode is fully implemented using Google maps and is ready for testing for P3P, P3A and Inspire1 on both iPads and iPhones running iOS 8 or 9.

Feature highlights:

- Ability to pre-plan your waypoint missions

- Draw missions with the pen tool

- Supports multiple Points of Interest

- Customizable quadratic bezier curves for smoother videos

- 6 different waypoint actions for straight lines missions

- Automatic gimbal control settings (Focus POI and Interpolate)

- Take manual control of the aircraft during the mission to play/replay the mission on the fly including gimbal movements

- Virtually unlimited distance waypoint missions, the aircraft will continue on a mission even if signal is lost

- Use the Panorama preset to easily shoot a horizontal panorama at waypoints

- Custom RC keys functions allowing you to create missions as you fly them

- Load/Save and Email your missions

- Voice feedback for important warnings

- Record your iOS device screen at the tap of a button (IOS 9 only)

Visit our help page for more information on the waypoint mode: Help - Litchi

If you are interested in testing the app and giving us feedback, follow this link Beta - Litchi
That's great news..so will the paid android user have to buy again when it's for iOS.(wouldn't matter one bit it's well worth the price)
I like some users have both but my android is for Litchi and iOS has the others like Autopilot (now I can carry 1 device)
Both are amazing app and can't wait to have both on iPad Air 2...
This thread now locked

@VC Tech can you pleas contact Jacob who is the site administrator on the forum if you wish to carry on advertising on the community?

Thank You.
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