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Missing Video Files


Apr 20, 2015
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Edinburgh and Yorkshire, UK

Over the last few flights, I've had some of the video file go missing. I can reproduce the problem easily:

1. Press video record
2. Take off
3. Film for a few minutes
4. Land
5. Press stop video record
6. Repeat 1 - 5
7. Power down the inspire

When I mount the sd card in a tablet or PC, the first video is not there. The first file is DJI_0001.MOV and there's no break in numbering for the following files, even still photos.

I thought I was going mad so last night I had a friend stand next to me and make sure I pressed start and stop recording, she watched the video time go to 8 minutes 43 seconds. She also confirmed that I powered down correctly.

I've tried 4 different sd cards, made by two manufacturers. The firmware is latest ( The first video is always missing, I've not checked to see if any other files are missing.

Any ideas would be most gratefully received.
You can try resetting camera settings in the app... if that doesn't help I'd say faulty camera.
I had similar issues of videos not showing up or the camera just failing to start recording. In my situation it seemed that the SD cards (Sandisk) were not up to par. I bought 2 32gb cards (PNY and Lexar) with a write speed of 95mb/s and it seemed to be working fine now.....
Yup, the cards are Samsung 32G Pro (80M/s write) and the Lexar 32G 633x (95M/s). Seen the problem with both types of card. It could be the way that the cards are formatted so I'm going to try formatting using the Pilot app.
You should always format using the app in any case. Formatting in PC/Mac is not a good idea.
Same way it is good practice to use the device that will be doing the recording to format the media you will be using.

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