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Osmo Pro W/Hoverboard?

Discussion in 'Osmo (Handheld Gimbal)' started by MacDyver, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. MacDyver

    Nov 29, 2015
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    South Florida
    Hey Gang,
    Obviously this isn't a new idea but does anyone have experience using their Osmo while onboard a Hoverboard? numerous videos I've watched seem overly concerned with Z axis movement and to me this seems such an obvious answer, Of course broken knees and hip replacements aside.
    I'm trying to integrate my I1 and Osmo Pro to the best extent possible.
    Actually I'm afraid of the Hoverboard purchase because of the negative press and thinking of my house burning down and losing all my gadgets, screw the furniture and clothing like most guys a milk crate works as a great table and chair a few Tee shirts and shorts are all the clothing I need no great loss there but my toys fulfill my world!
    I don't post videos yet because I started all of this in January and I'm watching videos to learn to fly, shoot & edit while also experimenting, but this learning curve is so much fun and I truly appreciate having this forum as a sounding board for my goofy ideas, You guys have been so patient.