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Parachute - old subject, any new

Feb 21, 2018
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Searched the Inspire forum, several old threads 2016-2017... all equated to “not very functional”.
With all the new discussions, requirements and developments, these haven’t been focused on Inspire series.
There are new options for Mavic series; the ParaZero and Manti2 that appear to minimize asset damage, also the larger class M600Pro has a few possible options.

Anything NEW anyone has discovered for Inspires? The older setup: Skycat using 58” Fruity Chute, Mayday, Nova and or MiniSAT seem to be the primary. None have newer certification approval. That points more toward asset protection, although none seem to meet that either when looking at mount location and rate of decent... many of these land nose down... camera impact! Interesting, all show tests with no camera mounted or Inspire 1 with X3... not much gimbal weight or value. That in itself indicates not intended to protect the hardware.

On the Fruity Chutes web site, in ASTM questions on Cat3 weight of Inspire 2; they indicate a 72” chute would be required to meet decend requirements and minimize damage to life or asset. Most all systems use 58” to 40” chute... essentially worthless for the Inspire‘s weight, especially with larger camera lens options.

An I2 with X5S or X7 and lens package results in probable major damage with minimal life protection on ground.
My interests are less people, more asset protection on sites (construction, Ag, modeling) and haven’t found anything meeting the requirement. Protecting a high price system, would be a consideration if you weren’t still needing to repair / replace camera and I2. Yes, adding insurance with hull damage eases the pain, but some is hard to replace as they age... X4S discontinued.

I’d think this would be revisited with all the discussions of requirements and ground people with associated desired waivers.
With the I2 X7 being a popular cinematography platform, was thinking there‘d be new developments. Actually surprised the I2 with hefty X7 flying various cinematography environments hasn’t been highly focused & developed.

I was hoping to find some nice 3D printed harness holding 2-3 smaller chutes and electronics. The “motor cut“ by Kopter adaptable to I2 with small electronics fitted under the nose cap is a great addition... kills motors but leaves Video & GPS powered to essily track or review post; but essentially no value with current 1-chute models... ground impact still too high.

The cost on current options for the material involved is ridiculously high for the outcome. For that price it should touch down softly and pass ASTM. That may be due to limited demand... but a good functional system for a bit more would probably become a popular sale.

The Mavic unit called the Manti2 or Manti2 Air looks like a step in the right direction. Electronics to only deploy when positioned correctly, light weight and acceptable low cost... under $100. Doesn’t pass ASTM, but looks to land without damage to the Mavic or camera. Scale this technology up for the I2 platform, might have something... incidentally, the FireFly manufacture of Manti is working on an Inspire 2 package.
Hi Doug. Sorry, no info on a chute for the inspire. But something to consider. So much work shot with the inspire is relatively close to the ground, especially cinema work. This sort of negates the effectiveness of parachute protection. Maybe that plays into there not being a large market for them. I don't know, but it's a thought.
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