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Ronin MX Camera controls on M600

Feb 21, 2018
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Speaking of instructions, is there new M600 Intelli-G Sony instructions?

So in the app to configure Intelli-G... what type would be selected... sBus since that’s what A3 is sending?

I have not seen a new video and do not know what type would be selected. I do know that Wyatt at Air Supply, About - Airsupplyaerial has good knowledge of these systems.
Well based on the older method, it looks to coincide with a video on their site.
I captured snap shot of the PIN Outs of the 3 blocks: A3Pro, Intelli-G, & sBus PWM.
I also found the older instructions on the CAM connection cable...will need to find it again.
The Rx Tx Pw are easy... in the older instructions the loose Signal went to Shutter Trigger.
Which doesn't make sense now with the USB to USB connnection.
It also doesn't make sense because the Sony Cable's 6 pin connector is possibly on the same pins unless it goes upward ADC3 / ADC2 upward to PWM1 / PWM3. Then that allows the Rx,Tx to connect on pins.

Note in Picture...My setup is passing through all 3 blocks, your setup is bypassing the SBUS block.
The ADC2 & PWM4 pins in your harness assume take the bottom 6 pins in Lower Left of Intell-G.

A3 IntelliG sBus.jpg
Feb 21, 2018
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These are the cables I received. The red end is the sony smart cable side.

View attachment 26689
Interesting... I think I had it backwards, the Sony USB Cable, per their Video is for the older Sony Camers prior to the A7Riii & A9 that both contain updates to the Firmware & Wireless.

Watch the video... pay note to time index from 3:05.

Were you told to purchase the Sony USB or was it in the kit?
He mentions in video the Sony USB cable has been replaced with new A7Riii & A9 Wireless
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Feb 21, 2018
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Short correction on above posts... I referred incorrectly to A3 ports and Cable as CAM, to correct replace CAM with CAN.
The above cables from Intelli-G are CAN cable, not CAM.

Intelli-G wireless... after powering down everything, and powering back up.
I was able to attach to the Intelli-G wireless with Phone App (Intelli-G app) and select SBus type and perform & save the calibration of each of the 6 F-Port to Exp Module values. All were visible within the Intelli-G app.

I continue to have an problem obtaining a wireless connection with GH4 wireless by the Intelli-G App. I can see & attach to the GH4 wireless from within Intelli-G but then it stays at that prompt and won't complete preventing the remote control functionality.
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Feb 21, 2018
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Getting closer to being Resolved... Basically functional now except for tweaking.
This Section condenses the procedure with Intelli-G

This isn't the most documented piece of equipment.
Several videos, but not very current and I think makes the assumption we're knowledgeable on the finer details...which has been my shortcoming.

After verifying a few things, I have it working better now:
1) DJI Exp Module works within DJI Asst 2 - all sliders move as SBus channel assigned
*** Independent setup.... don't need RoninMX, Intelli-G or Camera ON or connected.
Note: assigning Sbus ports, If you use the 3 postion S3 / S5 will be treated as 2 pos: Center 1 position, Up / Down as 2nd Position
I initially have used S1, S2, S4, S5, S7, S8. (but may rethink that as I've learned more on Intelli-G mapping)

To begin, Just need M600Pro connected to DJI Asst 2 and configure the SBus settings.
Next, Plug in Exp Mod to RC Port and power on RC...should have Green LED on Exp Module.
Return to DJI Asst 2 - With RC & Exp Module active, should see Knobs & Switches working correctly in DJI Asst 2 Graphical section.

On to Intelli-G:
2) Power up Intelli-G with M600Pro power Retract Harness EC30 connector.
Install Intelli-G App
Verify access to Intelli-G Wireless and App can connect.

On to installing Intelli-G into M600Pro:
Install Intelli-G under SRW-60G or similar on under belly of M600Pro. Photos above may assist.
IF using the SBus - PWM convertor block & 7 Lead / 3 Lead block cable.
Connect as in Diagram above in Post #61 or obtain documents from Intelli-G
*** This matches the Exp Module F-Port setup in step 1 for F3-F8 (6 ports)

My Failure point that some may experience too:
3) Connecting Intelli-G App with Intelli-G, could connect with A3Pro & calibrate the Exp Module Knobs & Switches
4) Could Connect Intelli-G to Camera's (GH4) Wireless, but seemed to stop & wouldn't move to next config step.
*** Failed from this point forward - due to Mobile Devices New OS and Intelli-G App
Note: During this time, it would intermittently popup Msg about Firmware Not Current, although Intelli-G FW was current.
When attempting to let it update, it would fail consistently... with a not compatible FW msg.
Finally... not sure how, but I got new msg about "Device not compatible". I took a guess that was indicating the Phones OS.
My iPhone just updated to the new IOS 13, and my Note8 undated 2 months ago to the Andriod 9.

Redid all above with my iPad Pro 10.5 on iOS 12.4.1.
Installed the Camera's Remote App and Intelli-G App onto ipad.
Repeated the above, and was now able to move forward at Step #4 and had the "Map Options" within Intelli-G.
Could now assign the Sbus to values in Intelli-G Mapping section... and upload to Intelli-G.
All logically in software worked correctly... BUT the operational function was not correct.

NOTE: Within the Intelli-G App:
As previous above:
1) Select the INPUT as SBus
2) Output as Camera's WiFi - Scan Barcode on Camera Screen to grab Camera's Network & Password.
This will show the Camer SSID & WiFi Password, and the IP Address.
3) If Intelli-G App is working with Phone/Tablet OS, you should see the "Edit Mapping" option now functional.
This is where previously I stopped with Note8 & iPhone X with new OS installed.
Using iPad Pro 10.5 with iOS 12.4.1, I received the "Edit Mapping" option.

Within the Intelli-G "Edit Mapping" screen... the FUN Starts!
By DEFAULT - Intell-G shows a Long List of possible assignments that didn't really function for my camera controls with the Exp Module.
Up at the top, there is a slider switch " USE Master" , for my cameras: GH4 & Sony A7Riii this needs to be "ON".
Assign the "Master" Knob / Switch and the "Slave".
Think of the Master Selection as the Remote Control "Feature" and the Slave Knob as the "Control Of" the Value for the Feature.
Assign the various camera controls you want to control: Aperture, Shutter, IOS, Peaking, etc.
NOTE THE "Color" within the Mapping of the Pos 1, 2, 3, etc.
Once your 1st setup is created... save & UPLoad the Configuration to the Intelli-G.
( You can assign a few to start... and return & change the mapping, re-save & upload)
Press the Recycle Button on the Intelli-G and it will reboot & Load the Configuration FIle - That INCLUDES the Camera's Wifi Login Credentials.
As described in the Intelli-G documentation, once successfully attached to Camera's Wireless the LED will change from Violet to Steady Blue.

BUT... as you turn the Master Knob... a FULL cycle, it will change the LED from BLUE, GREEN, RED, Cyan BLUE, Violet, etc.
Each one corresponding to the Positions within your Master Knob Mapping.
Once in the correct Color, the 2nd Slave Knob / Switch cycles through your available "features" within it's range.
This way, 2 F-Ports are being used for essentially control all your camera's available remote features.
Assigning S4 / S5 as shutter or record buttons under the Mapping section "Sbus3 Long Press HI / LOW" as Rec/Shutter.
This causes the Shutter button to be remotely activated.

My personal experience:
1) The Master knob needs to travel Full END to END to change Value (may change this to a switch)
2) The Slave Value also changes per knob's value, it's not a turn & watch it change behavior.
3) The Flip Switch for Shutter.. I needed to HOLD for about 2 seconds to trigger a "Long" variable that triggered the Shutter
(may play with these too...learning & experimenting)
4) The changing of the Intelli-G light confused me at first, I thought it was a Connected Status LED at first, not a multi-role LED.
5) Camera Remote takes a bit a time after putting camera into Remote available mode.
( I may be not setting something "Best" setup on Camera...agian learning)
6) Unlike the Camera's Remote App that grabs and changes off the Wireless Barcode screen quickly, the Intelli-G appears to take control while the Bar Code screen is still visible.

That's my point of discovery... and Bench Test usage.
It all works, a bit of learning to understand to get full potential.
Range SHOULD be Great, since it's using the Lightbridge 2 channels.

Need to experiment a bit more in switching between 2 Brands: GH4 & A7Riii.

This is a minimally documented Product... as well as the AirCmd V2 and the Entire modules.
For those experimenting with Intelli-G and AirPixel products... feel free to share and add so we can all benefit on the products to ease the frustration & learning curve for others. These are nice products, adds a lot of value to the M600Pro but they are a litttle difficult to get up and running using the manufactures documentation & instructions.
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Feb 21, 2018
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Update to the above #64 Post.
Above is using the Expansion Module S1 & S2 as Master / Slave knobs.
I quickly found this to be inaccurate, it didn't reliably change to next mode.
Plus, I didn't see it able to reverse... Such as Bouncing between Aperture (Pos1) & IOS (Pos 3)
The knobs needed to go full loop cycle... if it wasn't consistently reliably changed, you lost track of where you were.

I switched the Master / Slave to the 2 3-Position levers: S3 & S6.
This allowed a much improved & reliable switching between modes.
Center is Start / Stop position; Flipping Up then Center reliably sent 1 - Fwd Position.
Flipping Down then Center reliably sent 1 - Rev Position.
Made it more consistent to move to up & down between camera features.

My current setup: S1 & S2 Not Used, S7 & S8 Not Used.
Master / Slave: S3 & S6
Shutter / Record: S4 & S5 (currently set to S4 & S5 Long HI / Low)

Update on previous issues of Wireless connectivity:
By changing to iPad Pro 10.5" with iOS 12.4.1
Running the intelli-G App and setting all the values resolved.
Turning on intelli-G (M600 Power), and GH4 & pressing the GH4"s Wireless button, the intelli-G attaches & operates great.
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