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Shou App

Mar 28, 2014
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I've been trying to use the Shou app on my iPad Mini 2. Whenever I use it, it seems to affect my video transmission where the Inspire video starts to lag and pixelate. Also, when I playback the recorded video, the Inspire video is not recorded. I have Shou recording at 720p and I think it might be the lack of processing power on the iPad mini 2. Does anyone else have this problem with the iPad mini 2?

Same problem on my iPad Air 2, Shou does not record the video being recorded by the Inspire camera. The app looks like it's working, showing it is "record" mode, but it does not work. In the video above, what happens at 4:55 is exactly the problem I'm having. Only difference is I always have Assistive Touch enabled...
I'm also using Ipad Air 2 and the video transmission lags with shou. Assistive touch enabled.
I'm used shou only 2 times on ipad air 2, the recorded video contains everything but lags and pixelate. My settings are 1080p 16mbps (max), then 1080p 8mbps, same result. I need 1080p, 720p not sharp enough.

Thanks for your reply!
Same issue solved. Make sure you are recording in SHOU FIRST Then go back into the APP and push record

This solution works! Shou first and turn on "enable hardware decode". Everything Is better than before. There is only a little lag now. Maybe the 16mbps setting for the video is too much?
AS OF 1am put on the 14th the app is available for download and working correctly. Yea!

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