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Should it hover at a 45 degree tilt?

Discussion in 'Inspire 2 Discussion' started by Casey53, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Casey53

    Nov 4, 2016
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    Had a construction guy walk up to me and started inquiring about the Inspire 2 up in the air. Took my hands off the RC and showing him the screen image which looked fine and the horizon was level, but when I looked back up at the bird it was tilted 45 degrees and hovering in place that way. Construction guy guessed it was sitting at 45 degrees, and it seemed that way to me as well.

    Never saw that odd tilt before with any drone and didn't know if this was normal for the Inspire 2. It's current with software and firmware and all the IMU calibration stuff. It might be the grass field and VPS acting up. It was down to maybe 20 feet altitude and 50 feet distant when I was talking to the guy. Just seemed odd and sort of alarmed me to fly it out of that radically tilted position and not flip over, but it flew fine after that and was level again. Heavy braking maybe prior to hover?

    Aside, I do recall the VPS calibration with that glass plate wasn't the easiest to do. I'm uncertain using it over the evenly-lighted computer screen and any shadow from the drone and ambient light maybe affecting the calibration with that external glass plate. DJI support is "I dunno..."

    Always a surprise with these things...
  2. Mark Taylor

    Dec 28, 2016
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    Perfectly normal when side on in strong wind.

    If you rotate the aircraft so it faces into the wind you'll see it level off.

    You can also see the angle clearly in the pilot camera view.
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