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Sunlight or yaw affecting altitude hold

Mar 30, 2015
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when flying on Friday, I noticed that the drone lost approx 2m altitude and then gained it again repeatably when yawing.

When I say repeatably I mean that the loss was always at a certain yaw angle, and the gain at the 180 opposite.

I have also noticed that sometimes when flying at only 2m if i drop off of a ledge, the drone seems to drop down to 2m from the new floor height.

My ideas with this are:
1) I was just on the limits of the Sonar range when yawing, and perhaps on the border between different height floors, although I tried this and it happened in several places.
2) The sunlight affects it. It entered into the left side from a 45 degree rearward angle each time the drone lost height. It was gained at 180 degree yaw from the "death" angle.

I know the older Nazas had issues with bare chip dies being used that allowed them to be photo sensitive, I also see that the electronics in the inspire seem to be covered and shouldnt have the issue,
I was flying a naza v2 the other day, it was worse that my I1 experience, but very similar

If you are flying at a height of 2m then pass the edge of a drop off the the Vision positioning system will interpret that as an increase in altitude and drop down to maintain the 2m AGL.
As for the erratic behaviour while yawing, was this at 2m again? if so it's probably sunlight confusing the VPS - it does say exremely bright conditions can cause problems for the VPS
Oh, hey Tubby. I know you from PotV forum and we both used to work for the same company. Interesting to see you here too.
I have the same problem with a drop in altitude when yawing. This is over grass and with VPS turned off. This is over level ground.

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