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this so called fly away ?

May 7, 2015
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Lewiston Idaho
as I anticipate the delivery of my desire one I have to think about these rumors of fly aways what are the precautions that you can take that will eliminate this risk of this happening?

Is DJI working this out?

12:hrs tell delivery per fedex..
Welcome to our passion!

I suggest that you read the manual which can be found on the Dji website and what ever you don't understand you're welcome to use the search feature and if you can't find the answer then feel free to ask us.
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I received mine Thursday evening.
Put it together Friday morning. Updated everything, Did a compass calibration and did a few quick low flights out front of my house.
Sat morning, took it out of town for a real flight. First one was quick. Second takeoff, drone took off, and rolled across the field.

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I received mine Thursday evening.
Put it together Friday morning. Updated everything, Did a compass calibration and did a few quick low flights out front of my house.
Sat morning, took it out of town for a real flight. First one was quick. Second takeoff, drone took off, and rolled across the field.

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So no compass calibrations from the new location? What did your mod values look like before the "rolling" flight?
Did not do another compass cal at the new location.
Did not check mod values before.

Did check when I got home. Around 1450 or so.

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I was unaware you could check out your old values, or was that current values after the crash? What were your x,y,z for gyros and acceleration? Sounds like it needed a IMU cal. Compass error during the "fly away"?
When setting it up, I did do the " imu cal check" said cal not req.
why did it exceed the beginner mode max distance?
The height also read 3.3 feet. It was close to 4 times that high.
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Hill? Down hill could explain the height issue as it will display the altitude as if take off spot is 0 no matter what's currently under her, canyon etc. I'd review the flight log a with the stick commands displaying second from the bottom left in the pilot app. If the log recorded that much movement without stick command and you were in GPS I'm sure DJI would like to review your flight data. If you were in atti then wind could be the culprit. My only drifting without stick command while in GPS was during a .17 FW compass error, resulting in a loss of a prop and a mean redwood tree.
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No hill. P gps and beginner mode.

I'm just waiting for dji to open, going to give them a call.
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Yah, you definitely have a case. Nice counter stick, she obviously wasn't responding at all! Not even to her own beginner mode parameters. I woulda left sticked up, but looks like that wouldn't have made a lick of difference anyways. Man that sux.
was on hold for half hour. lady tells me i pressed the wrong button ! ha ! i called the phantom line.. DOH !!
On hold again. Good thing i have a decent calling plan to the USA....
That sux. So I just got back from flying 5 1/2 batteries. 1-5 smooth and rock steady. On the 6th battery I get out to about 800 feet and she starts acting weird. All of a sudden she starts flying off, I had to counter her directions, which she did respond too. As soon as I stopped she'd angle down and start fly by herself! I managed to get her back within a 100 feet from me and I'd let go from the controls and she start to fly off again. By this time my heart was pounding pretty **** hard. I managed to catch a few glimpses and I was still in GPS and green "safe" to fly. This was my first flight of the day in camera mode, instead of filming but I could see that the gimbal wasn't responding to her abrupt attempted fly offs. Finally after the longest two minutes of my life I was able to land while countering whatever direction she was attempting to go. Wind was gusting but nothing over 10 and my sensors were great before all 6 flights. Afterwards my compass showed high 1700's (previously 1490's-1520's) and all x,y,z's were still spot on. She said no IMU cal required as well. I'm am now officially scared to fly my I1 until I get this sorted.
Wow I got your message Eric and I'll be sh*t'n bricks. One note thing to note and I am no expert at this but on this discussion I noticed about an hour to 2 hours ago the KP Index jumped from a 2 to a 4. I am not sure if this has any correlation to what happened to you but I just found it weird when it was that high quickly then back down to a 2 30 minutes ago.

I know the K-Index as I have an active app on my phone that gives me the current value.

Again it just be a coincidence but I find it weird for Eric drama happen when I noticed my K-Index happen.

Man sounds like both Eric and I spotted Bigfoot or something. Weird.
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So back to a guys question:
Check imu before every flight, manually and through the check imu button on the dji app.
Give yourself plenty of open space to start, free of power lines and residential homes.
these birds are sensitive to EMI so don't fly long distances near PowerLines, antennas or high population housing areas.
don't start off in high wind.
use P GPS with good GPS signal.

I would find a preflight checklist and use that until you have everything down. Aviator use checklist for the same reason...
Hi Eric,
Happy all is good so far.
This is what I do-

Every Battery I -
Battery Cell Check
Compass Check
IMU Check
GPS Check
RTH Height Check
Max Altitude Check
Displayed Home Point on map Check
WiFi Off on Phones and Tablets off Check
Image Transmissions Settings Check (Channels)
Camera settings Check
Volume on my tablet (so I can hear any warnings) Check
Fingers and toes crossed check!
Hold my breath and fly!

Good Luck!

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Hey Eric!!
Glad you were able to keep your cool when things got crazy!!
My question is do you calibrate your compass every battery or just when you move locations??
I always calibrated my compass and just about every other flight hit check IMU button, after attending the data X conference in Santa Cruz I asked the DJI reps there if just checking my mod values was acceptable to which they replied "yes". It was a very open place where I've flown a bunch of times and didn't feel the need to do the dance as my values were spot on. Every new batt I checked my sensors and all six times they were spot as stated.
This was my 101th flight with 14 1/2 hours of flight time. I think I was <10 when I compass errored into a redwood tree. Other than that flying her has been a blast for me.
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why did you descend when you lost control? altitude is life. did you try clicking off P-GPS mode?

I'm not sure, might have just been by accident.
It wasn't responding to anything I was doing, the altitude was incorrect, and it had severely violated the max distance in beginner mode.

Multi flight was no active and it was in beginner mode.

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