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  1. J

    Gimbal Movement Issues when using Litichi Points of Interest

    Working on a job where I need to create a time lapse of a contraction project. I was planning to use Litchi's Waypoints and Orbit, however I have run a few test flights and the gimbal movement is all over the place (jerking up, down, left and right without focusing on the point of interest)...
  2. Bigshow

    Inspire 1 and Litchi

    Hi guys, I am new to this and would like some help. I have been flying my inspire 1 with my Note 9 for a long time and had no problems. The Note 9's screen is not bright at all and I always struggle to see what's on the screen when in direct sunlight. I bought a Crystalsky ultra 7 inch to use...
  3. F

    Litchi Waypoint Stopped, Loss of 18 Satellites for Fraction of a second

    Hi, I've been flying the same short Litchi waypoint mission for the past 2 weeks with no problems. Today was a little different. On the return leg the drone just stopped in mid air, luckily it was in sight and I could manually fly it back. Looking at the log on Airdata it looks like the...
  4. Avocet

    Methodologies for capturing video ...

    (I'm cross posting from another forum). I recently had a viewer compliment a video I put up "especially if you flew the mission manually". That was the responding poster's quote. Umm, hello ... digital autonomy, autopilots, mission planners, digital plotters (all the creations of humans btw)...
  5. O

    New I1 v2 and Litchi

    Greetings all I just bought a Inspire 1 v2 with a Z3 and love it. I have no problem when using the DJI Go but Litchi is very unstable. It will not do a Pano consistently. I did a pano once and it moved the aircraft not the camera. It only ever did the one pano once that it will not do panos now...
  6. E

    Litchi "Black Box" mode.

    Hi all, here's one for you Litchi users. Autopilot has a mode called Black Box. Essentially it just lets you free-fly and records the flight...just like Go really. Question...does Litchi have a similar mode and if so what is it called? Thanks in advance.
  7. niki

    Inspire 1 - Litchi waypoints - unstable flight above 45km/h

    Hi guys, I have stability problem with Inspire 1v2 and Litch waypoints. I have used Litchi many times without any problems but somehow never had a mission set with more than 35km/h cruise speed and everything was working fine till yesterday when I needed a faster mission with 45km/h. When I...
  8. 1

    Inspire 1 Pro Black / Litchi / Z3 No FPV

    Has anyone had any luck using this combo? I cannot get the FPV to work with the Z3 and Litchi? According DJI my Z3 has the latest FW and the X3 will work with FPV just not the Z3. All items work fine with DJI Go. Thank you.
  9. J

    Litchi Waypoint "MISSION ENDED" and keeps on flying!

    Hi Forum! I've now had TWO instances of this and want to see if anyone has any ideas: I'm using Litchi with a single controller doing a very short waypoint mission (only about 100 feet from me), and shortly after executing, the controller announces "MISSION ENDED" -- and suddenly the Inspire...
  10. J

    Inspire 1 - Litchi for Waypoints + DJI Slave Controller for Camera?

    Hiya group! I've been using Litchi with my P4 for a while, and found it to be invaluable for pre-planning waypoint missions prior to shooting. I've recently upgraded to an Inspire 1 RAW, which is currently blowing my mind - but I'm trying to figure out if it is possible for the master...
  11. LaunchHSV

    VERY scary event with the I2 and Litchi App

    So, I had a very scary event today. I went in the back yard to test the I2 with Litchi and do a panorama. This was my first time using litchi on the I2 and I have used Litchi on the Mavic Pro with great success. I upgraded the Firmware last night on the I2 and Litchi is up to date as well. I...
  12. utcinema

    DJI Inspire 2 camera control with VR headset and Litchi app

    Here is a short test after DJI Inspire 2 firmware update on March 2, 2017 using VR headset and Litchi app.
  13. M

    Litchi vs DJI Go 4?

    I've seen several threads on the Litchi app and to be honest, I've not used it yet.. but most of the threads are several months old.. so I'm not sure what the current status is on whether people are still liking it.. I'm also not sure if it will work well with the I2 or not yet.. but would...
  14. J

    Litchi video problem Z3

    I am needing waypoint software for my m100. I tested my m100/SlantRange/Z3 on DJI GO App without any problems. It works great to manually fly, but the waypoint feature is bogus. I purchased Litchi and read up on it before installation. I actually uninstalled DJI GO App just to make sure...
  15. John

    Litchi Erroneous Center of Orbit

    Has anyone experienced the UAV (Inspire 1) start a Litchi orbit with an actual orbit center that does not match the planned center point placed on the Litchi satellite image? If so, what was the cause & prevention for recurrence? I ask because I set a 36' radius orbit around a center point and...
  16. niki

    GoldenSkyBirds - BEGLIK TASH - Thracian rock sanctuary near Black Sea

    A trip we've made to the Thracian rock sanctuary Beglik Tash! It's located near town of Primorsko and Black Sea. All is shot using DJI Inspire 1 v2 and Zenmuse X5R camera and default 15mm lens with Heliopan variable ND filter. Color grading and editing in Davinci Resolve Lite. Some shots are...
  17. C

    Help! Inexplicable Fly-Into-Building Crash on Inspire RAW running Litchi in VR Mode

    Hi Everyone It's a pity my first post here is a Crash Investigation! But I'd love to know what I did wrong! Since I had to travel with my Inspire RAW to another city for a film shoot, I decided to fly the drone at home (outside of course) to run down the batteries to safe levels. Since I was...
  18. J

    Litchi and X5 issues

    Hi, I am a newbie in Litchi (but quite experienced with Inspire) so I have one maybe stupid question and one issue after the first experience: The question: does anyone know how to set the aperture value for taking stills with Inpire 1 Pro (X5) via Litchi on Android? Among the camera...
  19. egoldy

    New How-To Video On Autopilot's Pano Mode

    Everyone, Enjoy this latest video from the Autopilot How-To Series that will walk you through all the capabilities added with the latest release around Pano Mode and Panorama’s via Waypoint Actions. Autopilot How-To Video: Pano Mode As an added bonus, based upon customer requests, I...
  20. lake_flyer

    Using Go and Litchi or Autopilot side by side (at the same time)

    After experimenting a bit with Google Cardboard VR I realised that Litchi has a Cardboard VR mode, so you can have an immersive FPV experience, using a cheap Cardboad type of goggles in combination with your phone. Litchi however, doesn't have the option to use dual remotes (not that I'm aware...