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Jul 7, 2015
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Summary: I1 fault in app could allow I1 to fly with damaged cell and no warning causing rapid loss of flight time.

Details: I bought my I1 June 15, 2015 and installed all the updates stopping short of the winter cold temp update in Dec 2015 because I didn't want to lose the speed. Last month one of the original batteries I bought, a TB47, failed to charge. Searching the forums I found that if you turn the battery "on" then plug in the charger, you can force charge it. I was down to one LED as a power indicator.

I finally got a full charge with enough power to start up in the I1. Not surprisingly it said "broken cell" and app would not let me fly or even arm the motors. That's good because that's what it is supposed to do. Now the problem.

I went into the battery records and saw that record ONE and TWO had recorded the same error and yet the bird flew, and no warning ever came up. The records show 30 charges and 9 flights on this battery which is less than a year old. Now the fun begins.

I contacted DJI support, as instructed by the app, and quickly they asked for proof of purchase and pics of the problem. I sent the info and photos showing the flawed battery right from the first and second charge proving on day one it was broken. Long story short, they denied the claim because it was 6-months past my purchase date.

So lesson to all I1 fliers, check your battery records. Check them especially before your 6 month battery warranty comes due or you have a critical flight and need 100% assurance all systems are go. You may have a "broken cell error" and the DJI GO app is UNAWARE of it and giving you false information on the condition of your battery and at worst, put you and your AC into a dangerous situation. Attached are the pics proving my point. Shame on DJI. Pilots beware!

I'll be adding this records check to my preflight list with checking mod values, and chalk up one more omission in the DJI manual for safe flights.

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