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When is compass used?

Mar 30, 2015
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Does anyone know if the compass is used when flying in p:eek:pti?

I made some inside flights today, and the compass value was around 5500 on the ground, and the I1 didnt let me arm.

I made a pile of pallets tall enough to let me get far enought away from the rebarred floor to arm it and went for a flight, It was in incredibly tight spaces and with a lot of obstacles, so I took it very easy and never raised the gear ( wasnt flying fast enough to see the props, and always slightly angled down anyway). I was ready to drop her to the floor at a moments notice the whole day.

I made around 20 flights, All from an elevated position. On several ocassions the cuad yawed quite a bit, so i pulled out of that area and got it back under control.

The annoying thing is that looking back over the video, there are a lot of yaw glitches on the gimbal. I assume from shitty magnetometer readings at the time..

I guess ATTI doenst use the compass or the visual positioning?
I don't think anybody really knows what happens in the non-GPS P-modes... The main problem IMO with being in P mode indoors is that if some GPS signal is acquired it will switch to GPS mode which will disrupt your flying.

ATTI isn't supposed to use the compass for flying, but again I doubt anybody knows for good and it's hard to test to find about it.

I would believe the gimbal stabilization always relies on the compass though.
Hmmmm, I was being careful that there wouldnt be any sudden BAD GPS readings that would cause the drone to go crazy, that happened once a long time ago and the lesson was learnt.

From what I saw, it would seem that in OPTI the compass is used, based purely on the yawing of the drone, especially when closer to the ground,

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