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X5 Camera poor quality

Discussion in 'Zenmuse X5' started by jeffrey brock, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. jeffrey brock

    Oct 18, 2015
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    I have a new inspire 1 with X5 Pro camera - from day one, I am not even remotely happy with the quality of the damned camera.

    I can never get a sharp image taken, the videos are soft looking and the focus is so damn hard to get fine tuned when 250 straight up. I use an 11 inch monitor so you would think you could tell if the shot was in or out of focus... but on playback on computer, the damned video or photos are soft, slightly out of focus.

    I have tried auto focus, manual focus and NOTHING seems to give a clear image like I see in all the damn advertisements for this drone camera.

    as you guess, I am slightly pissed that I paid so much for this camera and cannot get professional results with it.

    any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. ringolong

    Nov 29, 2015
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    What camera settings are you using? You could have focus set to minimum. It should be very sharp.
  3. Ody


    Mar 28, 2016
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    London ON, Canada
    I'm in the same boat.
    Purchased a Inspire 1 Pro back in the early spring.
    Flew it around the house/field out back, and I thought I was getting some pretty decent video.
    Then took the thing to the Turks & Caicos islands to work with for the entire month of July.
    So disappointed with the video that I got, that I never even bothered to edit anything down to share with anybody.
    Mostly Focus issues.
    Can't tell there are any focus issues when standing in bright bright bright sunlight taking ocean/beach/water video.
    Its not until you get back inside and download the clips that you see what a mess I just captured.

    Have a PolarPro set of 6 ND filters. Experimented with and without them.
    Experimented with diff F-Stop settings, but tried to stay in the 5.6-8 or even 11 range.
    Using the Olympus 12mm lens

    BUT I have to admit that I did NOT do the focus calibration.
    I thought I was getting good images at home, so never looked into making any changes.
    (Same lens, same iPad)

    I've of course since read many threads here on what I SHOULD have done to calibrate the camera.

    So I left the bird in Turks & Caicos in early Aug (frustrated)
    I'm heading back there end of next week for a couple weeks.
    I'll mess with the focus adjust till I'm blue in the face to get it perfect.
    Then try to fly it again. See what I get.

    I was going to wait till I got through that calibration before I posted anything here, but when I saw this thread (and there have been others) I just wanted to add a "Me Too"
  4. apsussex

    Feb 8, 2015
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    Sussex, England
    That must have been so frustrating, and also dis-heartening, but as you were using the Olympus 12mm lens, its always best to put it in manual and not worry about calibration, focus to infinity on the lens itself and leave it like that. Sweet spot is f5.6 and f11 and higher you start to see defraction kicking in which is the only real downfall of m43 lenses.
  5. Charles.mabry

    Mar 22, 2016
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    Prescott, Az
    same here. I just cant seem to figure out the x5. I can rarely produce imagery thats on par with what i shot on my x3.

    ive tried all the recommended settings, ive done focus calibration. Ive used filters.... its very hit or miss.

    Its not that I dont understand the camera or how it works either. I shoot video with a Canon 5d mkii and get great results.... for some reason I just cant figure out the damn X5. So much so Im thinking about selling it and going back to the X3.

    Im going to run some more tests today and this weekend..... if I cant get anything good out of it... its going up for sale.