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Recent content by Ikopta

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    UK Gov Drone Use Inquiry closes 12th April 2019 - Have your say.

    If you fly drones commercially or recreationally in the UK, you need to do this before the 12th April 2019..
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    UK Renewal Due CAA Drone/UAS PfCO? Read First.

    If you are renewing PfCO, CAA is now on line..some important updates you need to do after 30/7/2018 to avoid rejection. Renewing your CAA UAV Drone PfCO? Read this first. - ikopta
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    FAA Drone Registration is Back.... Again

    FAA Drone Registration is back...with immediate effect, if living or visiting the US make sure you register ridiculous sign penalties if you don't .
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    Ooh PolarPros new app is kicking...

    Polar pros New app version on iOS is nothing short of awesome! ND filter selection, KP Chart, weather, wind, golden time timer... A must for every drone flyer.... and its free,,,
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    Since when does National Trust Control Airspace

    National Trust look after many UK Landmarks, since when do they get to control the airspace?
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    Glitchy inspire 1 Image Fix

    That is a good point. Without it at the moment, the inspire is un-usable. So I guess use at your own risk.
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    Glitchy inspire 1 Image Fix

    Been driving me mad for Months. Glitchy feed down to the iPad mini. Got to the point where i thought I was going to have to ditch the Inspire 1 Pro and find another platform. AT Last. Not my Idea, but it works!
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    Understanding Exposure, and getting out of Auto

    On the quest to master the myriad of on-board tools that help get that kill shot with the DJI Drones. How to get Killer Images With DJI Mavic Pro Drone - ikopta
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    Filming in Winter

    If you're filming with Drones in winter. Battery Management is king. Using an Inspire 1, don't be with-out battery heaters! What else if everyone else using? Testing the DJI Inspire 1 Battery Heater - ikopta
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    Music resource for Videos question?

    OK, depends where it's going & what you're doing with it. 1) There are free music sites (lots), but be careful. If a contributor sees their music down loaded, they can then "licence" the rights to collection agency, who will then put a copyright claim. Embarrassing if they approach your end...
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    Aerial Canvas Prints

    Quick Shout. If you're in the UK, this may help. Reviewed a company that produces canvas prints & posters. Quick turn around, and can send direct to clients, plain packaging. Not paid by them, no connection to them.
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    Snow Flying

    DJI Inspire 1 UAV Unmanned DRONE Flying in Snow
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    Sooo Just priced Up the DJI Inspire 2

    Base model not available yet. Got to question why you would go for the X4. So you are going to be spending big, which is ok, if you need the spec.
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    Sooo Just priced Up the DJI Inspire 2

    Wow, I know its a different tool, but just priced up the Inspire 2......leave your body parts by the door.
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    DJI X5 Lens Test Olympus 14-42mm

    Not tried it. Noted that the Panasonic is list as compatible with the new X5S to go on the Inspire 2, Unfortunatly the Existing X5 camera range is not compatible with the new inspire...