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  1. gamette

    Anyone else get the Cendence "Sticks Not Centered" error after turning it on?

    I've got an Inspire 2/Zenmuse 5s combo that has worked great for years. We added a Cendence controller about a year in which has also been nice for quickly adjusting camera settings etc. It's about three years old now. About a year ago, the Cendence would throw an error when starting up saying...
  2. johnarooo

    Cendence Controller Signal Distance / Issues

    Hey All, Writing today with my latest I2 issues - this time it’s about the Cendence Controller. I’ve been rocking the standard controller up until now, and decided to upgrade to the Cendence for an upcoming job that required client monitoring. I thought the SDI was a great feature, and read...
  3. skyrealty

    Cendence Inspire 2 - WANTED

    Looking to purchase two Cendence controllers compatible with the Inspire 2 along with compatible patch antennas. Please message me, thanks! Jax, FL
  4. onthewave

    Cendence can LCD displays camera settings

    In some reviews of the Cendence controller I saw Aperture and ISO displayed on the LCD of the Cendence controller. How do you configure it to show your camera setting?
  5. G

    Sold! Cendence TX

  6. Clay Dooley

    DJI Cendence Controller, with extras - $1000 + shipping fee. Located in San Luis Obispo, Ca

    Selling my Cendence controller as I don’t necessarily need it. The right stick malfunctioned and it was sent in to DJI for repair and they just sent me a new one. Comes with patch antenna, 1 battery, crystal sky mount, and hard-case.
  7. A

    Prop cages and mapping software with cendence

    Hi Everybody - Has anyone found a product that can be used with the 200 series such as prop cages or bumpers of some sort? Just thought it would be nice to have when doing bridge inspection God forbid we accidentally do have something happen and bump into a box beam or something. Also - we're...
  8. S

    DJI Inspire 2, XS4, XS5, Cendence Controller, Crystalsky, Olympus etc

    DJI Inspire 2, XS4, XS5, Cendence Controller, Crystalsky, Olympus etc Everything is in awesome condition and was my backup inspire two setup so not used much. -SOLD—DJI Inspire 2 -ProRes licensed -Stock case $150 -8 batteries low use (1 battery has an error) -A Set 9...
  9. S

    Can't get I2 to stay or relinked with Cendence w/ an attached Crystal Sky

    I have had a very difficult time getting an I2 to link with a Cendence w/ an attached Crystal Sky. I have been able to establish a connection with the I2 only three times, for no more than 15 minuets, during which I have be able to operate the X5S, etc. The I2 persistently displays LIME (Very...
  10. O

    Patch antenna - still not working?

    Hi there, I know that there is a thread in which we got into detail about the sense/nonsense of using the patch antenna that comes with your cendence RC. But this thread got stuck somewhere in the beginning of 2018. That's why I wanted to see if any new development came up in the case of that...
  11. Keule

    New Cendence firmware (April 18, 2018)

  12. AVImagingllc

    Selling Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X5S, Cendence and accessories.

    Decided to "trim" my operation and therefore selling following items. 1. Inspire 2 purchased from DJI in April 2017 with Care refresh plan, 6 hours of flight time and absolutely flawless cosmetic and working condition. Never crashed or even "hard" landed. 2. Zenmuse X5S with 15mm lens purchased...
  13. MOscapinaki

    FPV help!!

    I use my FPV goggles a lot. I just bought a Cendence controller and I love the manual focus. Here is my problem. You can see the focus clear as day on the tablet or phone on the controller. But when you connect hdmi to the FPV goggles, it displays the screen but not all of the info on the...
  14. Raymondo

    Inspire 2 not connected in Pilot app

    I wanted to try the Pilot app because the latest update says that it displays GPS coordinates. That would be useful for a couple of recent job requests. I us a Crystal Sky on Cendence. Found a youtubevideo explaining how to replace DJI GO with the Pilot app. When I started it, there was an...
  15. M

    Cendence Controller Issue

    I'm having an issue with my Cendence controller. In Master mode the aircraft will only move forward, backward, or sideways up to 4 mph. I've tried re-calibrating. The sticks each go to 100%. Only one gimbal dial is responsive to calibration. The bottom pitch dials aren't responsive to...
  16. T

    X5s gimbal will not yaw with Cendence wheel after landing gear raised

    So I go my Cendence controller and everything seems to work fine except on thing. After the landing gear is raised, the gimbal will not yaw using the front right wheel. If it is on the ground (running or not) the gimball will rotate using the wheel and I can use the back button (c4??) to bring...
  17. A

    Inspire 2 w/X5S, Cendence, Batteries, Lenses

    For sale: Inspire 2 very lightly used with less than 2 hours flight time. All items listed below were purchased new on 11/1/17 or later from authorized dealers and all items are in like-new condition. Asking price is $7,000 USD plus shipping for everything below. I’m located in Sacramento...
  18. B

    What can I Do? Any suggestions anyone;

    I received my Cendence Controller purchased from DJI directly on November 18, 2017. It worked about one day then would lose the settings to all the custom buttons repeatedly. Further adding to the frustration the controller would lock up so that no button would work until the battery was...
  19. F

    Narrowly avoided I2 disaster crash w/Cendence

    Hi All, I'm still shaking! Just trying out my new Cendence this morning and doing some sport mode circuits, next thing I know the I2 is full speed ahead and seemingly flying away. I hit pause, nothing happened, then I noticed a small piece of debris had got into the right stick mechanism...
  20. Buzzcam

    Tracktenna Compatability

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know if this Tracktenna will be compatible with the stock Inspire 2 controller or do we need to get the new Cendence device which would be less desirable as I just received my second controller. And info would be great.