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Inspire 1 with both X3 and X5 cameras for Sale

Nov 28, 2015
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Traveling Full Time
For the last 15 months I’ve been traveling the world with my Inspire 1. I’m a professional photographer/filmmaker specializing in Wildlife and Nature (examples at www.vimeo.com/fishtales). I’ve used the Inspire to film in many scenic locations. I primarily film ground level and Aerials amount to about 10% of my filming. Though I use the Inspire for about 10% of my filming, with all of its accessories it accounts for about 30% of the weight I’m carrying around the world. So I’ve decided that as much as I love the Inspire, I must downsize to something that is easier to carry for a solo shooter like me. In addition to all the original equipment, I have an almost brand new X5 camera with 15mm lens and the upgraded anti-vibration mount for the x5 (x3 works on it too). The Inspire has the leg extensions installed to give it sufficient ground clearance for the X5 camera. So essentially, it’s upgraded to an Inspire Pro. I have no problems or issues with the Inspire other than the fact that sometimes it’s fussy going into travel mode. It has great range, I’ve flown it out over 1.5 Km on numerous occasions. It was in to DJI for service about a year ago after a minor incident (actually stuck in an Acacia tree during a RTH). The X5 only has 5 flights. It is currently at DJI for service on a gimbal balance issue. It was actually working OK when powered up, but not balancing perfectly with the power off so I sent it back to get it corrected.

Here’s what’s on the block:
Inspire 1 with a single controller (purchased new Feb 2015)
X3 Camera
X5 Camera with 15mm f1.7 DJI lens
DJI vibration absorbing board for X5
2ea TB47 Batteries
2ea TB48 Batteries
All the normal little bits that come with the Inspire and the original case.
8 of the original spin on Carbon Fiber props and 7 of the twist lock props (I broke one)
Remote controller hoods for both iPhone (6 Plus) and iPad (9.7”)
Backpack for the Inspire, only used one time last week on the Great Wall of China, works great)
A GPS locator module (currently has a US T-Mobile SIM, but will work with any full size SIM)

Photos are available on request. The most recent film I have online that was made with the Inspire is: www.vimeo.com/fishtales/burma-sky. It’s 90% Inspire. I have over $5500 invested in the system. Will sell for $4850. I’m also open to a trade for a Phantom 4 + cash (amount of cash dependent on what is included with the P4). I’m really not interested in anything prior to a Phantom 4, so don’t ask.
I'm in a pinch with money and want to fly farther than the front yard the only thing I have to offer is new parts for the inspire.3 motors,a battery bus, and a light bridge.
I can get some cash I do tree work and waiting on the season. But right now I just finished buying one of the last parts i got because I could only afford to buy it that. WayThanks for any considerations
Since the X5 adapter for the Osmo looks like it may actually be released soon. I am considering keeping my Inspire's X5 camera and using it on my Osmo. So if someone is interested in my Inspire rig with just the X3, I would sell the whole setup as listed above less the X5 for $2850. Since it has the new X5 adapter on the Inspire, it would be compatible if you decided to add an X5 later. I'm uploading a few photos that I shot of it a couple days ago:
CaseOpen.jpgLoaded up.

The Controller

Hovering, gear down

Hovering, gear up.

In Flight

Charging 3 batteries simultaneously

The GPS tracker

The backpack open. Velcro straps hold the Inspire in place (either flight mode or travel mode). The black cover buckled over the inspire to enclose it.

The backpack has a ton of space inside. I easily carried the 3 spare batteries, the controller and the X3 case inside.

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