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Battery powered LED dome strobe?

Mar 20, 2014
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Boston, MA
Anybody know where I might find a small, lightweight, clear dome LED strobe I could just Velcro onto the Inspire for added visibility?

Thanks in advance
i was wandering and thinking of opening a thread about the leds.
i do not understand why the red led lights are in the front of the craft instead on rear... al other colors blend into nature. is there a way to swap the leds around?
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I would also like to add a strobe. The ones I am familiar with can run on a watch battery and are pretty bright. RC planes already have them and they sell these boards at the hobby shop with a built in led and the battery. Would just need to find a way to encapsulate it or find a better version.
I like the idea of a strobe. Surprised you don't have to have one. I have seen a few lost quads and a strobe might have made it easier finding them. I will put a gps tracker on mine bef
Checked on the lights you show the link on Amazon. Had one review and it said they were not bright! There has bound to be an easy solution! I like the idea.
I ordered a few of the road id strobes. You can also order them direct at roadie.com for 12.99 each. I'm thinking about attaching them to my phantom V2. Im having a hard time figuring where and how to attach. There is not much room. i don't want to mess up the Compass. They come with a clip that you can remove easily

Wish I would have seen it sooner!

The only issue I see with these is that they are directional. If it's not generally pointing in your direction you won't see it. But having a few of these would probably help orientation if you use different colors at least.

A dome LED strobe should be visible from any direction.

Any idea of how many grams these weigh?
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