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Can the Return to Home command be cancelled?

There was a quick start guide in the box. With a link to the DJI website where you will find the most update documents. It is correct that the PDF that describes the update and the manual were both incorrect. Unfortunately, most did not look at the PDF that was included in the ZIP file. It has been corrected. I used to download and save every manual but stopped that practice a year ago. I just go to the website and view the document. That way it is always them most current.
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[QUmate TE="yipDog, post: 14632, member: 18488"]I did not expect it to follow a curve. I simply forgot that the home point was at a different location and couldnt remember how to cancel RTH as it flew towards a brick wall. I have read the manual several times and with a machine this complex and me only having it a week...well...certain information has not sunk in. If a simple question like this cant be asked without ridicule this forum will be very short lived. Or at least my participation in it.[/QUOTE]
Hi mate.
I agree with your comments, but the editor is correct. Keep reading your manuals until you fully understand your aircraft.
Those who say they just fly atti may maybe ok for them but not for all.
You made it quite clear about your flying experience and your concerns.
It is obviously an importand issue to you and so it should be. It is a safety feature that all should practice.
Best of luck and enjoy your inspire.
The editor made valid points, he may have approached it a little better but he is spot on.
The excuse, I forgot isn't going to be good enough in court.
Study the manual carefully and create your pre start checklist from it.
Use this forum to learn from others mistakes and constantly review your pre start checklist.
People that don't do it right is one of the reasons why it is so hard to obtain a uav operators certificate.

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