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Disable optical flow terrain following (elevation) and landing gear drop?

Mar 20, 2014
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Doing a tracking shot of POI which goes over a ravine and the sensor sees the ground and flies the craft down ruining the shot, how can this be disabled or set to keep the height the same but just use the sensors for stabilization / positioning but not altitude? Also, what happens in tight quarters since it has no sensors looking up will it gain altitude and hit objects above?

Finally, the landing gear drops affecting the shot when close to the ground. I am not forgetting or landing, I want to ensure it is never down unless I switch it to down. It is odd to have these hand holding features on a more capable craft without option to disable them.
It's been said the option do disable that would be added to an upcoming firmware, until then it's not possible. Some have apparently successfully disabled the sonar by taping over it, but of course that isn't recommended.
I have tested in close quarters amongst trees and, yes, the I1 automatically gains altitude when moving up an embankment/hill. I expected as much, but if I hadn't it would have hit the branches above. When I'm flying in situations like that I just tape over one of the sonar sensors. This solves the lowering of landing gear and automatic changes in altitude. Really hope we get the option to turn of the positioning system in the app, cause as a rule I don't need it and it's more of a hinderance than a feature.

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