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DJI Ground Station Beta

Even if there is such beta going on, this guy is breaking NDA. He can be out of beta in no time. Im a beta tester, and we have been warned not to talk about ongoing beta tests. DJI does monitor multiple sites(facebook, forums etc) and anyone who is talking about beta stuff is immediately out.

I understand both DJI and User frustration about not having certain functions ready on time. I personally cant wait for POI and GS.. I've been waiting for those functions, since I bought the I1 back in January. But its been too long :( will see if DJI will release something in the next couple of months. I can wait for more than 2-3 months, then I will have projects which require GS. If DJI wont deliver, I will go to a different platform. I'm not willing to waste more money on a promise
Could always be a non dji beta... The betas for mobile apps using the SDK that I've seen don't have NDAs

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