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Dual controller and tablet compatibility

Jan 20, 2014
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Currently I have 2 controllers but only 1 tablet, an iPad mini. With the uncertainty regarding iOS, I'm considering making the jump to Android - possibly the Galaxy Tab S 8.4.

Does anybody happen to know if both tablets need to be the same when operating together in dual controller mode? Meaning, would one iOS tablet and one Android tablet function together?

Also, does anybody have any experience on whether operating in dual controller mode has any effect on latency, frame rate or choppiness? Having scoured the various forums, the reviews of the Galaxy Tab S running the Inspire app seem inconsistent.
I have a Ipad mini 2 on my main controller and the Samsung Galaxy tab Pro 4 8.4 on the second controller. No issues. I do not find any latency issues. I have rooted the Galaxy tab 4 pro and use screen recorder to record the screen. I can't do this with the Ipad mini due to apple restrictions on screen recording unless I jail break the ipad mini. Having had fun with the screen recorder I might swap the tablets around so that the Galaxy is my main controllers tablet and the mini ipad is on the slave controller. The Tab pro is cheaper than the Tab S. I avoided the standard Tab 4 as i doesnt have a compass and when used wih my Phantom Lightbridge the little compass direction was always wrong.

Hope this helps
It does help - thank you.

I'm amazed that iOS and Android play nicely together in this situation - must be a first! ;)
which is the best brightness Tablet? I struggle with my ipad mini 2.
I still hesitate on which tablet to buy for use on Inspire. IOS or Android. There is still not enough compared to settling on the right choice to make.

Now according to my reading, the Ipad air 2 seems a good choice, but some user mentions having problems with the ios that freezes from time to time.

On the other hand, Android seems fairly stable, but there is latency?

If you have any experiences with the Android system, let us know.

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