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Flight Log Difference on iOS and Android.

Feb 10, 2015
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i am having a weird issue.. my flight log that i have on my ipad air 2 iOS app says i have 12 flights. This is correct. I have uploaded the log so that i can get it on my iphone as well, this works i see the 12 flights . but when i try to load the data on my android tab pro 10.1 i get 3 logs that i have never flown? from 3 dates i didn't even fly on????? and it doesn't show any others?????? but it gives my the location of my house and says i flew for 1 min with a max height of 1.5 m, another 1 min, 6.6 m. and another 6 min flight with height if 19.2 m? WTH?? lol i definitely didn't fly this day i even looked back at weather and it rained all day here lol so no flight....??? i was thinking maybe when i was testing out the inspire but i never turned on Props or flew indoors, just turned on camera but then 3 flight of 19.2 m?? all on january 26.
I have my logs synced on 4 devices and they all show something different, it's still quite broken.
My flight logs also do not match.
Ipad Air 2 (v1.0.2) Accurate
Total flights: 34
Hours: 6h 16m

Nvidia Shield (v1.0.7) Not accurate
Total flights: 42
Hours: 8h 25m

I also had an issue a few weeks back that seemed to fix itself as I made no changes to the device. The issue was with the Nvidia Shield not syncing my flight logs. It would stop at 30% and report a failure. Over time it has gotten better and is rarely an issue now. Seems as though they still need to dial in the android app a bit.
The flight record on my Note 4 states I've flown my aircraft 217 times.
I've only really flown it 12 times.
I questioned 24/7 tech support about it and they confessed that the android flight record has a bug and it is currently being addressed.

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