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FPV Camera terrible resolution or Calibration issue?

They could have used the very similar looking camera they have on the Spark, and the quality would have been significantly better, but there may be other considerations we're not aware of having to do with image transmission, etc. Maybe they'll do that for an upcoming "Inspire 2 Pro" or something like that...the current FPV camera is pretty disappointing.
Totally agree
Well as a pilot of thousands of inspire 1 flights and 500+ inspire 2 flights. The camera is a major improvement. While image isn't the greatest it is good enough to do some next level shots. The ability to tilt the camera is important also. I custom rigged a fpv camera to my inspire 1 but it still feels inferior to the inspire 2 fpv camera.

Scout your flights because small wires are hard to see. But I don't see any good reason to complain about the best fpv camera on any ready to fly platform.

That said, I'd love to re wire it with a connex pro sight or something with some better image. Patiently waiting for the next upgrade.
It's bad. But looking at he whole unit, I can't dog on dji. They're not gonna come out with he best model first anyways. That should be a given.

Love the unit. That being said I'd pay $1k to have my shop upgrade my fpv. But first I'd need a better antenna (transmition) system. I'm sure latency would be an issue?
If there is a better solution please let me know. Regardless of those of you that have piloted previous missions and find it satisfactory. I am looking for higher quality image and am willing to pay the price.
Any further help would be much appreciated!
The Connex Prosight might be a solution. I have one on one of my FPV racers and the video quality is very good... thinking about trying it on the I2.
Actually, the fpv cam of the Inspire 2 is not just a disappointment, but completely unusable! I cannot see where I am going or if I might hit something! Is that just pixelization or is it a tree?!!!
I have to say, am I missing something with this inspire 2. The pilot, the person who navigates the airframe has a (blurry/pixelated) screen? What kind of thinking is this? Where we fly there are many trees structures etc....
We want depth of field shots and to achieve this we have to fly near objects, what good is a drone that streams a pixelated image for the pilot? Please educate me. Am I missing something?
My camera man has a view to die for.
I only can think that it´s due the priority of the link drone/remote in provide navigational aid, not heavy graphic traffic. If the axiom said that "an image worths more than thousand words", in fact it´s not real for drones links, when some correct and strong data signal worth more than a 4k image...
I find it unusable also. The should have just made it a powered aux camera connection and let us use what we want. My method
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I agree 100%... so much so that I have done this
and here's the whole playlist with the various iterations
It's obviously something that should just be better already on the I2, but since I had the gear and was able to do this, it's a total game changer.
And if you happen to have a smart Controller, you can output the FPV to a screen so you're not under goggles, which only works for some situations.
the ONLY thing lacking if gimbal control on the FPV... but hey, you don't get much of that anyway... and you WAY more than make up for it with WIDE FOV and HUGE clarity improvements
I was able to update my I2 with the Walksnail Avatar, did a custom 3D design for it using some elements of your original design @rpossum so thank you for uploading those to Thingiverse. Took a long time to trial and error it for the Walksnail. Here are some pics of the final build. Now, of course, just as I finish this mod, the I3 comes out, so... Isn't that the way it always goes. Also, ignore my sweet skin on the I2, I just love to put skins on my drones.

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