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Has anyone found an audio solution (long recording lag)?

there must be, thats what I downloaded. I probably have it on my old computer but I can't fire that up for a while, like January 1st maybe
don't panic, I know the process is stressful
I've never had a failed upgrade on either of my I1's... this one looks like its taking a while tho. It's beeping every now and then, so that's good.... I wish it would do the beep beep beeeeep like the I1.
Well, I would say it's better. I got one file with no dropped frames, audio still off a little. I was going to document my friends wedding Sat. night, but just to be on the safe side, I wired up the Pastor to the Cannon (which works great for audio matching) , and then set up the Osmo and Cannon on tripods and used another Osmo freehand. Now I just have to edit it down into 4 or 5 minutes.
Try 30 and 60 I think we have the option, I believe I always used 60, it’s been a while, I just know I had it after the firmware update, so I didn’t have to chase sync.
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