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HD Video "Low Signal Warning" when 500m + out

Jan 15, 2015
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San Diego
Is anyone experiencing this when they are that far out in open areas? It seems to also happen when turning the bird around. The RC signal remains strong during the HD warning.
I've received this warning a number of times...even while closer than 500m out. I'm not too sure what's causing it as there has been no common denominator to help nail it down. I don't suffer any lack of control or video clarity while it's happening at all. Is it maybe becuase the antennae are only on the one side of the aircraft?
The integrated Lightbridge switches quality/channels as required and that causes a short drop.
No freaking out for me:p,but i hate to see that I lost signal and filming is stopped.I did have this on several occassions,and than find out that I'm not recording anymore
Hmm I had the low signal alarm a few times but never had the recording stop unexpectedly.
It's more that I lose signal and it goes blurring.Now I know when this is happened I have to start recording again.But I've had this and found out when I was at home I didn't have a recording.When you're flying in nasty conditions and my app stops blurring and signal is back I wasn't always paying attention to the recording button.Hope that the FW upgrade makes things better.Now I'm waiting for some good flying conditions
The app should not blur the video. What iPad are you using? Dont use too many background activity apps and enable hardware decoding. Are the antennas positioned correctly?
can you specify how the antennas should be aligned?
another question i have would be if some has info on DJI addressing the throttle stick and switch off motors during flight by accident when moving the stick down and to the right corner... on my other bird the manufacturer solved the problem by only allowing to power up i.e. starting engines by setting the sticks (right side- down-right corner) and (left side- dow-left corner). switching off is only possible when same possitions are made but outwards. this was preventing the gas/throttle stick to switch off the motors midflight when descending and yawing to the right.

sorry for jacking the thread but i thought i'd add this.

to say something to the thread, i also experienced signal loss but when standing in direction it seems ok most of the time as i had no major issues yet, still wonder why this happens because it's stated that itt'll go 1.7km... should be no problem... i don't switch off my 3g or go into airplae mode (located in bungary europe) and had no issues so far... some minor glitches like descending without doing any stick input. i was able to interfier and stop the movement but it is still odd... another i have noticed was the yaw to the left. tiny bit only but still doing it even with newest FW installed on all units...

any ideas?
Antenna position: did you read the manual? It is described in it how they should be positioned- -> I I

(I dont see a situation where you are using CSC during flight.)
i did read and they are always paralell to one another which i find is obvious... to me at least.
what is CSC?? (sorry for the maybe stupid question).
Last week I got the low signal warning twice at not more than 500 meters and both times my iPad crashed and restarted. Being a total noob I practically froze. Luckily I was in P mode so I let go of the sticks until the iPad restarted. Again this started to happen after my last firmware update. Also only happens with iPad not with the Shield.

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I had read that tread already so I was holding the remote and antenna as recommended but I'm in a hilly foresty area. My concern is the app causing my iPad to abruptly quit and reboot.

Thank you for your response

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Is anyone experiencing this when they are that far out in open areas? It seems to also happen when turning the bird around. The RC signal remains strong during the HD warning.
Hey, K.
Today I flew out 3500ft (1066 meters) (0.66 miles) at 250ft altitude. Great open space in Scripps Ranch.
I had a little video loss at 3500 feet out, but after I came back I wondered if I had more altitude I wouldn't have had any loss. Higher=better angle to the antennas. What was your altitude?

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