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HELP PLEASE!!!!! nightmare updating the firmware in the M100

Discussion in 'Matrice 100' started by Bigboy, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Bigboy

    Aug 15, 2017
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    Hello guys, i have a big problem with the firmware update in the M100, i downloaded the DJI ASSISTANT 2 in the official DJI web page, the version on the page is the v.1.0.5 and it did not work for me, i can connect the bird, can see it on my pc screen, can see some data on it, i can move the motors from my laptop using the dji assistant 2, (by the way my pc is a toshiba runing windows 7) , but the problem comes as soon as i try to do the firmware update, i just have on the screen this:

    Firmware list
    (empty withe space)

    Current ( in blue letters)

    Version - -- Date - -- All --- Action

    RESTORE FACTORY DEFAULTS ( white letters in a blue background)

    Cannot load firmware list. PleaseRetry.

    i have being trying with this Dji Assistance versions and nothing changed:

    V.1.0.5 (This version is supposed to be the official version)
    V1.1.1 (this version founded in another forum)
    V.1.1.2-2 (this version for phantom 4 pro-Mavic-p4 advance)
    V.1.1.2 (this for Spark)

    BTW im using a FLIR XT on this bird.

    Anyone knows what to do with this issue?

    Do anyone knows if the dji Assistant 2 in different versions should work for all the dji products?
    What happens if i restore the factory defaults??? may be the bird cant fly after that???

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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