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Inspire 1 crazy and crash...

May 23, 2015
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Hi, I'm from chile, I acquired the unit in a Chilean company (www.exon.cl) just over a month ago. I had a serious accident with my inspire one, taking off automatically he got out suddenly towering over 160 meters at high speed, then he went off to go home and not work, I tried to control it but the device did not react to the control, after a few seconds hurried to the opposite field, bumping into trees, damage is evident here:

Hi Boris, all I can say is that most accidents reported here on the forum seem to be related to the compass status at take off time (experienced users say it's MOD value should be around 1400 - 1600).

Sorry for all that damage.
Hi Boris.That´s bad all you´re damage.Hope that DJI can cover this.All I can say don´t trust that auto take off.Start and rise on your own and let it hover 10 mtr away from you and see if homepoint is recorded.Seems that you have all of this anyway as I see your vid,but next time trust tour own skills.Many pilots do an auto take off,but not for me.It´s also a nice thing to do it manualy.
Another good thing is that your Inspire didn´t crash on one of those houses.
Hope you will get your bird back in the air soon.

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