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iPad Air 2 or Tab S 8.4?.. or maybe nVidia Shield?

Mar 6, 2015
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So i just got my Inspire 1 today, and found out that my Galaxy Tab S 10.5" doesn't fit in the tablet\phone holder on the radio. :(

I've seen people recommend nvidia shield. But as I don't have that available at work, Im thinking on getting a smaller Tab S or an iPad Air 2.

Should I go for a cellular version, so it can easier load map contents etc, with out using my phone as a hotspot?

I might go for the nvidia shield, as it's a lot cheaper than the iPad.. but is the performance better? Really want low latency as possible, and same with lag. Any idea? Is there any performance tests? Grr can't make up my mind. :)
Personally, I love everything Android. But, I went with the Air 2 and I have almost 0 latency even when I'm screen recording with Shou.
Initially when I was exactly in the same position as you're in now, I jumped on Dji's 24/7 tech support and asked them what they recommend to use. Every operator I spoke to over the next few nights, seemed to favour the Air 2 over anything else that's on the "supported list" In the end I got the impression that if something were to go wrong that was tablet/phone related, Dji would most certainly attempt to play the card of the "supported list"
Hopefully I'm wrong.
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Alright thanks.

As this tablet is mainly going to be a screen for this inspire 1, I'll go with you and go for the Air 2. For the moment, it's the only one with the simulator also. Fun to play around with and practice while its raining :)
Same, I only bought it for the bird and the only apps I installed was Shou and the Dji Pilot app. I didn't even bother installing the ios update as the air 2 works flawlessly.
The Air2 is far superior for perfomance during the flights. No lag, great video, excellent response. I bought the Shield for the second controller and to test it out, and I'm excessively disappointed. Even when just in my condo the video is laggy and chunky. I haven't even tried it out and about in the field yet.
The only real benefit is that you can take the SD card, put it in the shield, and watch your video straight off...the iPad is not so accommodating unless you're still connected to the aircraft and use playback.
I have the Tab S and would not recommend it. Although the screen is big and bright, there is a lot of latency issues unfortunately. I cut the foam off of the top of the clamp and am able to squeeze it in the clamp, but I would recommend the air also.
So I just got myself the iPad Air 2.

Earlier today, when I played around with the Tab S, i thought the delay wasnt bad at all. But I haven't tried it up in the air, only hand movements infront of the camera, so hard to tell.

Now that I tested with the iPad Air 2, it's like zero latency in compare. Really fast movement.
Time will tell when I put it up in the air, but looks promising.

That being said. Only downside so far with the iOS app, is that they use the Apple map data. For norway, at least in my area, its in black\white and not too high details compared to the Google Maps. It's ok though. But wouldn't mind if you could choose Googles map data instead.

And as far as I know, you can't controll the camera from the app like you can on Android, by clicking on screen and drag to one of the sides. Not a deal breaker, but still a good feature (will probably come in a future update?).

I do like that you can hide all menus if you decide to with a swipe (not sure if that did work on android).

Overall, im happy with the iOS app. Can't wait for my first testflight (possible tomorrow).
Really? Do you need to enable it? I only tested quick, but didn't seem to work. gonna try again in some mins.

I did download the latest version(?) from the app store though(EU, Norway).
No, works out of the box exactly like on android. You might have moved your finger too much during the initial long tap.
Yup. relaunched the app and as you said. works out of the box. Weird it didn't work the first time.. Maybe i messed up something. really smooth. :)
my Shield is rock solid. I have no lag or choppyness. I tested lag when I first got it and I would say it just doesn't lag. I'll say it again, that I do think that we are all not flying the same machines. Some have problems that others don't have, and visa-versa. Honestly mine seems to only have the occasional gimbal jerk--that's it. Go Android, dude.
I did go for the iPad Air 2, and dont regret it so far.

Looks to be around 21ms delay, which isnt bad.

I'll be comparing my Tab S, Samsung Alpha also later just for fun. :)

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I'm currently testing Note 4, Galaxy Tab s 8.4, iPad Mini 2, and the newest Dell Venue 8 7000 . . . . so far its a toss up between the Dell and the Tab s. Still waiting for a really sunny day to go out and compare both in direct sunlight . . .
Looks like the Note 4 is actually the best candidate.... I'm trying to play the mp4 on the galaxy and it lags big time...
Sorry I should have clarified... The Galaxy Tab s lags playing the video back.... The Note 4 is good

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