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Landing gear Stuck IN Highest Flight Position and servo running nonstop!

Aug 22, 2020
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So .. I picked up this Inspire 1 today and the gear is stuck all the way up! I used the controller to try and raise and lower the gear and hear the servo running but no movement. I tried to put it in and out of travel mode in the DJI Go app .. same thing. When trying to turn the screw on the bottom it will not turn at all in either direction. Any clues?
I have now determined that the servo motor for the landing gear runs non-stop when the machine is on? Unplugged the wire and it finally stopped. anyone ever heard of this issue?
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Could the threaded shaft of the servo be sheared in any way? If there is no "resistance" to tell the motor the upper or lower limits have been reached, I'm guessing it will continue to run endlessly. See attached photo.View attachment 29612

Interesting thought. I wondered if the motor responded to resistance or maybe revolution count. Since it is stuck all the way in up position is is very difficult to see much. The worm gear is mostly exposed and appears straight and in good shape but I cannot turn it at all since it appears to be locked up somehow. The manual adjustment screw will not turn at all. I assumed since the motor was constantly running that the brass gear on top the motor shaft must be loose ... I have seen many photos of this issue. The question is why it broke loose? I thought maybe it raised a bit too high on the worm gear .. somehow causing it to lock up and then breaking the gear loose.

No impact of any type .. it was in flight and when coming back to land the gear just simply stayed i the full up flight position and would not respond in any way to any command to lower.

I think I will have to get brave enough to pop the top off and see if I can get to the motor and open it? I have never really seen any pics or info on what is under the top cover.

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