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Maiden flight today. Questions on compass

Jun 1, 2015
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Had my first flight today. Originally, I had planned to meet another inspire pilot and get informed on how to fly the inspire. Well, he pulled out last minute. So, I headed to some farm land. I have about 65 flights with the phantom3 and have heli experience. So I decided to go on my own.

I did all my pre-flight checklist and performed a cold IMU calibration before I left the house along with a gimbal auto adjustment. When I got to the place where I went to fly, I did a compass calibration and did an auto take off with 16 satellites. Well....it started to drift quite a bit, so I shifted to atti mode and landed. Did this three times. I had the manual with me on my ipad but couldn't find out what I was doing wrong. So I went back and did one last compass calibration before I decided to leave. The three previous was the normal walk in a circle with nose forward. I put the nose down and walked in a circle the first three times. Swinging the inspire out in front of me as I went into the circle. BUT... the last time I did the calibration, I just moved the inspire in a circle with nose down while I stayed still. This took.

Does this really make a difference? I guess it does because the inspire stayed in one place like it should of with GPS mode. I flew around with four batteries. It would stop on a dime. It would return to home and land. Did everything it was supposed to do with no glitches after the last calibration

Can you guys look at my numbers and tell me if they look right? I have no idea what I'm looking for other then MOD & Z being around 1500.

Thanks for your input. I recalibrated the compass this morning. I wasn't doing it all together right. I was moving my body on it's axis instead of the inspire. I rotated the inspire on its axis this morning both around and nose down and had a very solid hold and numbers this morning. I evidently had it wrong based upon some videos I watched and had done on my phantom. I sure am loving this inspire. It looks wicked in the sky and flys so solid. I did a little more distance today since it has performed well under short trips. Took it out 7,000 feet and all was good.
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