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My Inspire IS a POS

Jan 5, 2015
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Ive been flying this thing almost daily and I've got to say this thing is a pos and here is why

1. Super stable have flown in up to 30 knot winds and still holds position extreamly well and flys without issue.
2. Props won't fly off as hard as I've tried I just can't get the damm props to fly off super aggressive flying in high winds sudden stops etc they are just tight as ever after Every check I don't get it?
3. Long distant flights without video or signal drop out I just don't get it its at least double my phantoms and defnitley flys further then within sight.
4. Indoor flight stupid thing will fly just as good inside as out side
5. It maintains its height from as little as 6 inches off the ground .
6. Camera is super smooth and stable and no fish eye like a gopro what dumb design flaw.
7. High performance. this thing is so much more capable then a phantom that you really should utilize a second pilot for the camera what was dji thinking making this thing so fast and agile.

So with all the above issues and perfromance flaws I'm not sure why anyone wold buy one. :)

In all seriousness there is no comparrison to a phantom and many other multi rotors on the market. its is a very capable flyer and performs as advertised. yes there have been some issues out there and if you got a bad one send it back. it may have a few flaws and need some tweaks but so far it really is a good flying machine
I'm so angered by the fact that my inspire does all those things on top of coming with a case that wasn't included when I placed my order! Can you believe that crap?! Adding in something they didn't have to making it easier to transport the drone. The nerve of DJI!
Figured people would actually read the comments it the title was bad. I Know some will be all depressed when they see the comments were good lol.
I'm so angered by the fact that my inspire does all those things on top of coming with a case that wasn't included when I placed my order! Can you believe that crap?! Adding in something they didn't have to making it easier to transport the drone. The nerve of DJI!
oh man don't even get me started on that free hard shell travel case. I have to remove the props and camera just to get it in there i waist at least 3mins every time I take it out of the case. worthless
A cardboard box would have been far more convenient now you got me thinking I am not happy I am calling there 24hr support line and just like last time they probably will have me wait for at least 30 sec b4 they answer and address my issue
Guess it'll be on four cinder blocks next to my brand-new corvette stingray...both are POS'es.
My I1 is such a POS that it never fails to stop and amaze passersby at my neighborhood park when I fly it!
Isn't that the truth they all say wow it's like a alien or somthing and then how far can it go and how much is it

Exactly! I've had people sit down and just watch my session. Makes me nervous being watched, but they are just really interested.

BTW, noticed your screen name - Milwaukee WI here!
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I'm thinking of returning mine... And if that's too much of a hassle I'll just throw it away. I can't believe the case that comes with it is only available in Grey! I mean what's the deal with that? Horrible customer service too... I called them and asked if they could match my favorite shade of blue and they said no! What happened to "The customer is always right." Oh and the other thing is DJI says "Ready to fly right out of the box." Well mine was obviously defective! It's a well known defect.... I've talked to others and they all seem to have the same issue.... I opened the box.... And nothing... It just sat there! I left the box open, in case it had to warm up or receive a signal from DJI.... After 36 hours, still nothing.... It just sits there! I am so frustrated! I called DJI once again and explained the well known defect, hoping there was a verbal command like "Fly Now" that would get it going.... They said 'You again' and hung up on me! I have no idea who designed this POS, but how do they expect it to fly without and Props and no battery in it. What a scam!

After days of frustration and hours on the phone and web I was able to figure out how to assemble the POS. It was so complex, time consuming, and tedious. One needs a degree in engineering to do this stuff! The screwing on of four props... How do they expect us to do that! And the whole battery charging and putting the battery in the Quad thing. Oh and more electronics crap... You have to apparently charge that other little silver box with the sticks and switches on it. Who even knows what that is for?

I was finally able to do a short test flight yesterday. Knowing all the issues that effect every one of these POS's ( I know that because I read the internet) I bubble wrapped my house, built a bunker where I could safely do a test flight from without the beast attacking me, evacuated the neighborhood (that was costly, had to buy them all dinner), and took it up for a short test flight. I know it's only one short flight, but it was flawless. Very different from my Phantom Vision+. Kind of like comparing driving a pick-up to sports car. Hoping this trend of smooth flying continues.

The one thing I did actually discover is that my 5 year old iMac isn't capable of editing or viewing 4k Video. Soooo there goes another couple grand!

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