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Need screen recorder that works on IOS 8.4 iPad

Aug 2, 2014
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Needs a screen recorder app that works on ipad 2 ios 8.4. Shou is no longer working. Some who have tried this? My ipad is jailbroken.
I tried what damoncooper suggested but all I saw was the Shou.TV mobile game app. I downloaded it anyway thinking the recorder was embedded in it but if it is, I can't find it. Perhaps I'm missing it?
I've tried both Safari and Chrome and they both prompt me to open it in the App Store. Neither browser actually goes to the Shou download. Perhaps it's because I'm on an IPad that it's not working?...
Nope... The Shou.tv app opens up fine but when I enter the url into the browser it doesn't do anything at all. I'll keep working on it. Thanks!
Woot: If I enter shou.tv/i on Safari on my iPad I get a page not found. However, if I just enter shou.tv I get a top level screen and I can select the non-jailbroken shou to install.

Apple is quite strict with screen capture tools. Currently, I'm using a desktop app call acethinker iphone screen recorder that mirrors my iPhone screen to the computer and use its screen recording function to make videos. It's not that direct, but it works.

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