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New I1 v2 and Litchi

May 9, 2018
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Greetings all I just bought a Inspire 1 v2 with a Z3 and love it. I have no problem when using the DJI Go but Litchi is very unstable. It will not do a Pano consistently. I did a pano once and it moved the aircraft not the camera. It only ever did the one pano once that it will not do panos now. The display (I pad mini 4) is unreliable. Screen goes in and out. Its totally useless the way its working.
Buy the way I have a P4 and Litchi is my go to app, like it much better than DJI Go4. Works flawlessly.
Has anyone else had a experience with Litchi and the Inspire? Is there a different Litchi app for the Inspire? I don't find one in the App Store. I was told to use GSPro. Haven't tried it yet but it looks a lot like DJOGo. Any insights or experiences you can share would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
I have been checking out reviews of Litchi (strange name) and Autopilot, but been playing with GSPro offline on my wife's iPad Pro 10.5 to get familiar with the setup etc. Seems to have some really good functionality, a bit like a cut down version of Autopilot. Has everything I need to fly some planned routes, hopefully the gimbal will be manually adjustable while the bird flies it's plan...
My new (used) iPad Pro 9.7 should be arriving tomorrow or shortly after, so will take the whole kit out for some testing once the wind dies down!
Check your contacts on the gimbal mount if you haven't already, I replaced mine shortly after buying my I1 as the pins were slightly off, causing sporadic freezing and blockiness. The controls and downlink are flawless now- even on the Tesco Hudl 2 tablet!

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