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Here is our first Clip. I have been missing some more action in most of the clips Ive seen so far, so I decided to do some "fast moving" tests ;)

Of course, this one is far from being perfect! Nevertheless it would be great to hear your comments ;)

IMHO this piece in combination with the X5R will make a... outstanding tool!
Nice Job
Here is our first Osmo Clip while following our most loved sparetime passion: snowboarding ;)

Testing DJI Osmo for Fun - Part II. These are the very first clips we have filmed in the snow. All video footage has been taken with the Osmo.

This was our second trip to the glacier this year, so our performance was not top notch. The battery of the Osmo lasted for two descents, so each of us only had on try. And of course: we are no snowboard pros - just riding for fun ;)

In contrast, the performance of the Osmo was extraordinary. Framing was so much easier than i would ever have expected, and the stabilization is - crazy. My snowboard partner had it in his hands for the very first time - and absolutely no problem to use it!

Filmed @1080 / 50p and slowed down regularly to 25p.

WARNING: The Osmo is not built for very low temperatures, nor is it waterproof. Means: Don’t do that at home ;) Or, in other words: You might lose your warranty, and it is very likely that it will break someday!
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