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Qstn on AirData Data Loading

Mar 16, 2021
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I have installed AirData. Looked everywhere inside it. Have actually uploaded three flights a while back. Now, impossible.

They suggest the FileName should be like "DJIFlightRecord_2019-08-01_[11-15-07].txt". Mine are not. From the Link to my Inspire 1 v2 Pro, thy are "FLY842.DAT". I relabel my File to "DJIFlightRecord_2021-12-06_[11-15-07].txt" but it needs DAT and can not be longer than 50mb.

I have spent hours searching, trying and what should be so easy, is, for me, impossible.

I try a smaller one with a DAT suffix and nothing.

Is there a number there where I can actually talk to a person? Realtime?

And are their any YouTubes that go step by step for what is needed with this software.


ps: I am not stupid. But what should be so easy, is not.
What device are you using, iOS, Crystalsky or Smart controller? The data is not in AirData it is on your device inside DJI files
I have been running for years with all types of drones most of them sync automatically the only one I had problems with is Parrot Anafi had to upload the .json file to there upload site . Now that works also. Did you buy a license? Not sure what works on the trial version. My Inspire 1 and 2 autoloaded right from the tablet or phone.

I use Android only

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