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Red Position Led problem

Aug 12, 2015
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i have a brand new Inspire 1,
sometimes a red position led don't work ( only one),
I think it's easy to fix it.
Anyone tried before me to do a similar repair?

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If it's brand new, I'd recommend telling your vendor / retailer that it is faulty and ask for a replacement. Or at least have an authorized service center repair it.

If by "red position led" you mean the bright navigation LED's above the feet, taking apart the leg / motor / antenna configuration looks pretty exacting, and probably voids the warranty. I'm definitely no expert, so it may be easier than it looks in the videos. Out of the box it should work perfectly and you should ask for a replacement.

If you REALLY want to try it yourself, you can search YouTube for "DJI Inspire Repair Videos", and find something which may show you what you need. I'd recommend replacement or professional repair, though.

I agree, if its new, take it back,
the LED could be faulty because the ESC is faulty, or it could be as simple as a bad solder joint on the LED leg, who knows,
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the hardest part of taking one of these apart is find all the right screwdrivers. they use approx 47 different kinds of screw heads and sizes of screws to put these together. the led plugs into the esc board and maybe a bad connection/solder job but if its that new and you live close to a the store where you got it i would take it back and get a dif one but if the only option is send it in to dji and wait over 2 months to get it back then do it yourself if you have the skills. be careful when taking it apart, there is an antenna in the foot and the wire is short and very fragile. I crashed mine and broke the arm which ripped the wire so i got a new one and promptly ripped it in half as well when attempting to fish it though the tube, it didnt take much force at all.

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