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Second Remote Gimbal Gain Settings

Mar 12, 2015
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Hello there,

I am using Inspire 1 with dual remote setup and I'm having problems with the sensitivity of the sticks as the operator.

Is there a way where we can adjust the gains of these sticks that control the gimbal?

I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong topic.


Go to the RC settings on the slave tablet (the little remote control icon), tap RC Control and then click the default or custom stick setup (whichever one you are using). Scroll to the bottom and there is a little box called Gimbal Speed. That will give you a slider for speed control for each axis. Hope this helps
Can I assume there is a similar setting on the Master controller to reduce the YAW sensitivity as well. For example:If you are slowly ascending or descending and the sticks position is not perfectly on the vertical axis then a slight amount of yaw can creep in and ruin a video shot. Is there a way to lower the sensitivity on the Inspire controllers YAW axis so its not so sensitive?
Yeah exactly, I saw the gain settings but didn't want to mess with them.

If anybody have any info about that please share :)
Yeah exactly, I saw the gain settings but didn't want to mess with them.

If anybody have any info about that please share :)
There are no dual rates on the Inspires remotes as found on higher end remote controls which are infinitely more configurable.
You can adjust the exponential on the yaw axis of you want to but you are only adjusting the sensitivity around centre stick.
I have all my control curves set to flat as coming from collective pitch helis I do not like dumbed down input to my commands. This actually makes the Inspire more sensitive to inputs but it's just the way I fly.
I'm afraid there really is no substitute for stick time and fine tuning your skills.
If you are a 'thumber' you can try pinching the sticks (thumb and forefinger) which will give you finer control.

With regards to gain adjustments, proceed with great caution. If you are running iOS why not make a note of the existing gain values then alter one at a time and fly the simulator. The flight dynamics SHOULD be accurate but I have not tried this.
Start by lowering the yaw gain in steps of 5%.
You can always change it back or fly for real........You do this at your own risk though.
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