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sensors for inspire 1 for avoiding things during flights?

Apr 13, 2015
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Have anyone seen or heard of anybody implementing a sensor array for inspire one like bumpstop made for dji phantom or does dji plan on making another inspire with this feature implemented? That would be really nice!
You'd think this would be relatively easy for DJI to implement. Just add the same sensor used underneath the aircraft to the end of each arm. The software for the optical flow sensor could be patched to allow for a proximity distance to be set for each sensor providing a soft wall through which the inspire could not fly.
I contacted the ebumper folks and emailed back and forth about the inspire 1 ebumper it seems at this time the office response was were looking at it. I wish DJI would come out with a retorfit
i would hope one day that the avoidance sensor unit from the matrice would be added to the inpire. maybe on the inspire 2......
There's not going to be an inspire 2! If there was going to be one don't you think it would have been next instead of the matrix 100? If you look at the way the Phantom progressed it went from phantom 1 to phantom 2 to phantom 2 vision plus to inspire 1 then phantom pro 3 and phantom advanced then the matrix! Their not focused on making an inspire 2 now because of the simple fact that they have made their money on it and there's nothing left to it but to make different attachments for the gimble that is modular plus maybe firmware updates to give you what was promised from the beginning!
You have the need to add the exact same sensor at the end of each arm which you are using underneath the aircraft. Also you have the need to design a suitable program or software which allows the proximity distance to be set for each sensor.

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