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Special x5r vibration dampers

Discussion in 'Zenmuse X5R' started by Joe Lawry, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Joe Lawry

    Apr 28, 2016
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    New Zealand
    Had a run in with a tree yesterday and broke my vibration plate, luckily my x5r was fine.

    I managed to snap my x5 vibration plate in half and also popped a rubber damper!

    Now this was something new to me, id never noticed but the isolators/damper that came with my Inspire RAW had a lubricant inside the sealed rubber unit. Of course the X5 plate you buy on its own normal has rubber dampers that have nothing inside.

    Has anyone else seen these dampers for sale on their own? I have no vibe issues with the regular ones and my x5r but it was something neither my dealer nor myself had noticed before.