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Stitching multiple photos

Mar 26, 2015
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I have been frustrated with Hugin software all day.
Can anyone tell a "dork" like me where to get the best results for stitching Inspire1 photos.
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I downloaded it and will have a try for you. when I get to some results I will post it here and try to explain what I have done. :)
Phatzo.....Thanks for your reply.
Hugin works .OK...but it wont compete the last "Panormama " stage to finalise the photo.
Either I am doing something really stupid like not saving the file prefix correctly or ?????.
Mine wont go past the save project stage and compile the final group .
Load photo.s.....join photo's.....edit..bend...twist...add ..remove....crop etc etc ..all working..
up to seven photo's without a problem...until it comes time to ..save project and finalise.
Then the other problem is the (*pto) file type...cant find software to open this type of file.
Tried PTgui software...really good....free trial version has a water mark.....Full version is 75 English pounds.
I will keep trying and will let you know it goes.
Hope you have better results mate. :D
I have been using Microsoft's image composite editor. It's free and works relatively well!
This is from a job I did in a little town called Lucky Bay on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula
you can try autopano giga, it's a beast on creating panorama, but the complete version it's not free
Hi JoffaDan.
Thanks for the info .
I have down loaded Microsofts ICE.
Upgraded pc to 64 bit processor....downloaded the Redistributables..........and it works ....great stuff mate.
A simple program with limited options , but if you have a good set of photo's (which the Inspire delivers) it all goes together easily.
I can now export the pano file and will be able to get it enlarged/ printed off for the customers.
Thanks once again mate.
I will post my first pano when I figure it out......:D

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