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Take Off from Boat

Feb 15, 2015
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I attemptted to take off from a boat while it was stationary. however this was not possible as the inspire does not allow me to power it up. This was due to the boat rocking slightly left and right (while its on the water obviously) and making the inspire thinks that its IMU requires a calibration.

Is there anyways I can power it up n take off in some kind of manual mode? Both GPS n ATTI mode doesnt even allow the prop to start spinning.
Althought that thread is 6 pages of complaining unreasonableness and talking about wheels falling off cars.

Summary of useful information for me is:

DJI are now aware of a issue, they are working on something

People have managed to fly on calmer days.

People like to type very very long posts off topic

Please correct if I'm wrong.
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Atom got edited. ..
I feel you about that thread. .it's one of the worst ones..
but there's a lot of information about the topic. .
which brings me to the relization that the waters are much calmer here on inspire1pilots.com now that some of those posters are no longer posting. .lol
I feel you about the super long posts too...it's a job to get through them..usually I take the time to read them ,because I know how much time it takes to write them ..bla bla bla..
turbo. .
I've been looking for a while as that is something I'd like to do. Aircraft running NAZA FC's don't seem to have that issue.
Haven't tried on Wookong and A2 equipped platforms.
As soon as my inspire comes back from the shop ( don't try to land on the back of a boat, on your own, when it's windy and when the boat isn't in the water. Lots of brokenness after the ten metre fall) I plan to do lots of testing with this. I will try to log when and when not it will work.
Many of us have this issue. Although I am in NY and have no yet tried to launch off a boat yet, we are hopeful that DJI will come up with something before summer hits in the Northeast. 80% of my DJI use is in the summer, AND off a 38' boat. I hope they prioritize this.

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