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The DJI Fly Drive has Arrived!

Nov 9, 2016
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Seagate has teamed up with DJI in creating the portable hard drive. The idea is not new as it was originally debuted at the CES 2017. The hard drive was designed for the average prosumer. Best of all, its now official.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 8.47.32 AM.png
It's just a hard drive that's also a Micro SD card reader. Still needs a computer to copy files. Moving on...
This is designed for people with the newer generation MacBooks and MacBook Pros that only have USBC. They don't have an SD card slot, so before this drive you'd have to carry around a card reader and an external hard drive for storage. With the new MacBooks with only 1x USBC port, you had to use a hub or something to plug everything in, with this it's all in one and simplifies things a bit. It's also just a really well built and sturdy external hard drive that is a good enough for field work.
maybe a dumb question and excuse my ignorance but wouldn't a 2Tb SSD (yes 600+bucks) with an external case that has (not sure if it exists) be more useful as the normal HDD's are not as fast and i read on hear and was told from first hand that it takes 2+hours to copy a full cinessd... (that was the reason the guy bought himself an ssd or 2TB...
any thoughts are welcome...
Like said above...Western Digital My Wiress Pro is way ahead of this. The battery lasts about 10 hours, auto imports SD cards & USB Thumbdrives to provide an in field storage solution. It ain't fast, but I just put it on the seat next to me and import the cards one by one.

The one I have is a 3tb that I dump off into a bigger NAS for working the files.
is there an external ssd house/ kit you can buy and put that in instead of a standard hdd?
edit: not house but housing like the the one you talk about...
i am planing to get myself a 2TB ssd but would like a solution like the flydrive or the one you are talking about.
Deltalimatango...I do the same!

The only thing that I bring a laptop for is if the client will want to view. I've actually used the wireless setup with success.

The ATMOS are really nice but $1500-$2k is absurd for one.

The WD are a great little device.
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