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Tips to consider before 1st flight or 1st i1 !!

Discussion in 'Inspire 1 Discussion' started by fei8820, May 31, 2015.

  1. fei8820

    May 22, 2015
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    Well i hope i can help some of the member before something happen... so base from my knowlage before you going to have your 1st fly or geting your 1st inspire 1 or phantom or anything advance drone. I will list down the most important thing that you must consider..

    • Do you have flying background ? Like 6channel heli , flying rc plane ? If yes goes for it..
    • if this is your very very 1st drone. Please spend few more buck getting a cheap multirotors. Avalible in anywhere. Make sure its the same as yours mode..
    • Learn with your cheaper multirotors 1st by training hover , side hover , nose in hover , and try fly in figure 8. This process may took even few month to master.. but trust me it really worth.
    • ok once you already done everything you can start to take your i1 for practise . In a open area . DO NOT LEARN TO FLY FPV MODE 1ST.. learn to fly in atti mode... my advice is not to auto take off. And switch to atti hover in very low attitude lower than your knee . As i meantion above. It could take weeks or even month to fully control the i1 at this point do not take it fly high more than 500 meter unless you have really confident on it.. coz the wind in the air is alot windy than ground so the feeling are diffrences... so take your time playing around before send ur drone to higher att..
    Ok then u are good to go for pratice. Remember must be patient. Dji claim every one can fly this.. Actually is only a market strategy so don't belive it.. u still have to be very cautions and learn before flying this ..
    ok now goes to checklist before fly after you feel confident to fly...
    1. Make sure everything fullycharges
    2. Make sure the MC and compass or gps caribrated perfectly
    3. Find a big large and open aera.
    4. Remeber set ur home point before take off...
    5. inspect your props before installing..
    6. and volia can started to take off.. and getused to it... because every ac.feeling is diffence
    7. and flysafe and obey the rules and regulations
    Feel free too add if i miss something :)
  2. Paul K

    May 23, 2013
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    Some stuff doesn't make sense ; for example QUOTE " do not take it fly hight more than 500 meter unless you have really confident in it.." and no.7 at the bottom you refer to obey the rules and regulations .
    Even if some countries don't have rules and regulations set up and concrete ,at least the recommendations are not to fly higher, than 400 feet (not meters but feet) .
    And this makes me wonder as well; QUOTE "And switch to atti hover in very low attitude lower than your knee".
  3. Mike Ellgood

    May 17, 2015
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    Dorset UK
    At 500 metres you will probally bump into a 747 or a A380 ........ lol
  4. Outta Control

    Mar 17, 2015
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    Right Above You
    Before I take fight I do a ritual dance and they differ depending on the conditions.

    For Sunny Days

    For Low Cloudy days
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