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US Open (Golf) this week at Erin Hills! - Drone flyovers

May 1, 2015
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Los Angeles, CA
Not sure how many golfing Inspire pilots we have here but wanted to share a fun project our team worked on this year. If you're a golf fan you should know the US Open starts this week at Erin Hills in Erin, WI – this year's Open will be Wisconsin's first US Open.

Such a beautiful course. Lots of study hours went into this project for the ultimate lighting/shadows as this course has stunning color in its green fairways and golden fescue.

Here is the first hole at Erin Hills. Be sure to watch until the end and spot Mama Deer and her fawn :)

You can read a bit more about the project here: Erin Hills 2017 US Open Drone Flyovers

I've included a few additional shots from Erin Hills that are being used in US Open marketing by Erin Hills, FOX Sports, the USGA, Golf Magazine, Golf Digest and a few others. Mainly shot with the Inspire, some shot with the M600 – all images are from an X5. (Edit: There are a few from an X3 when we did some original testing at EH in 2015)

Unfortunately the beauty of this course cannot necessarily be seen this week during the tournament as it's covered by grandstands and tents, and the fescue will be trampled by spectators, but if you're a golf fan or you golf destination courses, you've gotta see/play Erin Hills. It will be very interesting to see how the pros handle the course this week.

Hope you enjoy the below shots and course flyovers! :cool:

The Advexure Team





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Erin Hills Hole #3 Flyover

Took many takes for this hole and it was crunch time the morning we filmed this take as the first group of the day was coming up on our tail. We weren't thrilled by the heavy fog on this hole but in the end we found it to be a neat effect.
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Erin Hills Hole #8 Flyover

This hole has the most elevation change of any hole at Erin Hills and we really wanted to show this rolling terrain and blind 2nd shot (unless you're pro and can drive to the top of the hill). The elevation change on this hole actually ate an Inspire in the process... :(
Erin Hills Hole #9 Flyover – "Dubbed the shortest par 5 in all of golf"

Such a spectacular hole at Erin Hills, and a challenging one too! If you don't land on the putting surface or in a trap (a trap is a good place to be on this hole) you can expect a double or more :eek:
Erin Hills Hole #15 Flyover

We really wanted to show the elevated green and trouble you can face with the green surrounded by deep bunkers. This was a challenging flight path but felt the low altitude provided a great look at how intimidating the 15th green is.
Erin Hills Hole #17 Flyover

Unfortunately the finishing holes were the hardest to capture as these run directly east towards the sun at sunrise and at sunset the final groups are finishing these holes until the last bit of light (folks pay top dollar to play EH and we were strictly informed to not fly anywhere near course guests).
Great footage, was this flown manually or premapped with AutoPilot. Particularly like the semi orbit of the greens

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