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Video files on Micro SD card sometimes not complete...

Jan 26, 2015
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Hi all,

Finally I got to fly my Inspire-1 properly for the first time today and it is absolutely fantastic!
I have, however, found an issue with the video files.

Twice, now, I have discovered that the last video file is not complete when it is saved to the MicroSD card. This means that it is unreadable. I did 3 flights of about 15 minutes and filmed them all. There were 2 files for each flight, presumably because the max allowable size is reached and a new file created. But as you can see for the last one in this 3 flight session, it has no details.


This file is unreadable in anything. If I open it in VLC for example, it shows a total time of 0.00 minutes, and ot won't play.

Does anyone know what might be going on? Am I shutting down too quickly or something?


I get that as well. The last file is always unreadable when I take the microSD card into one of my computers. I suspect they are not closing the file properly. Strangely, reinserting the card into the Inspire seems to resolve it. I don't know if the firmware performs a file system check on power up, but the file becomes playable after that.
Strangely, reinserting the card into the Inspire seems to resolve it.
I'm going to try that... But because I MOVED all the files from the SD to my HDD now, when I copy them back I shouldn't be too surprised if it doesn't work this time.

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