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Virtual reality gimbal head-controled with smartphone

Jun 23, 2015
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I tried the new inspire sdk, and after going through their poor documentation and lot of bugs, I made an iphone app to mimic a goggle + accelerometer set. You have to have a google carboard (or similar), you put your phone inside, and the camera move according to your head movements.
I made a (bad) little video to show you how it works :

So far there is no feedback( OSD ) other than the video on the screen, but I could add it. Maybe it is already possible with real 3d goggles? (if yes, which one ?)

Do you think a such app would interest people who use the inspire one ?
If yes, what kind of feature would you like me to add, and would you be ready to pay for it ? (a little participation most likely).

Thank you!
Awesome. I have been waiting for a similar option with the head tracker on the zeiss cinemizers.
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I don't know if it's doable with the cinemizer, how the zeiss would communicate with the controller ? I'd like to try the cinemizer, but it's expensive and they are old
Well how can I get this app from you? If it works for iPhone it will work on iPad also! That would work awesome for pilots with this app because in actuality it would follow the tablet!
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Yes it works on the iPad but I don't see why it would be usefull on a tablet. Maybe for the photograph
i'm willing to do it with the rift or any other virtual reality helmet, but can't afford one right now. The name of the helmet that hold the phone is "homido", it's not the best one, you shouldnt consider buying this one.
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Yeah I saw it and noticed but after the video was over it played another one and I couldn't go back to it again.

How much will you ask for the app? Android also? I'm assuming not yet since you said ios sdk
I don't know yet, i just wanna see if a lot of people are interested ! I'm not really good in android dev, but I could learn if enough people want it.
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I want this! I have a virtual 3D glass similar to Google Cardboard and really like to try it. Look like the lag is quite acceptable. I guess it would very useful for search and rescue operation. Are you going to put it on Apps Store for sales? I will buy it immediately.
I would like it, but without the video part, I have Sony goggles that are way better at displaying accurate video. And as it would mean losing the Pilot app I'd likely pass up. I did use a head tracker to control tilt on my Phantom and loved it, but I got good enough with the I1's tilt wheel by now that to me it's not worth it anymore especially considering the drawbacks.

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