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Wow!!!! I received a brand new Version B...........


Got an email from Copter Shop saying they have only ever had A and B versions.

Also I got a phone call from them saying if I wanted to return it they would send me a pre-paid shipping label as long as it wasn't activated.

So in the end they have been responsive.

I'll leave it to you to decide if they know about the different versions, or not.
I ordered a single controller version from B&H 5/20 and got "D" version strange you got a "B". Had to send it back to get it exchanged though because one of the front red LEDs doesn't turn on when you arm motors. You have to squeeze around plastic area then it comes on.

Got my replacement today from B&H. Received "B" version quality control QC date 2015.03.07

Going to keep this "B" since landing gear is CNC machined, "D" cast alloy.
Got my replacement today from B&H. Received "B" version quality control QC date 2015.03.07

Going to keep this "B" since landing gear is CNC machined, "D" cast alloy.

So you are saying the in your opinion B has better landing gear because of the material they use to make it??? I've read the D version is much smoother. Not sure now. ****!!
B has 4 CNC parts making up landing gear, D has 2 cast alloy obviously they're trying to cut cost or save some money. Maybe less parts, less likely for something to break? DJI did mention improving landing gear I think in "D".

If I were to receive "D" replacement I would of kept it too doesn't matter to me.
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There's no incident related to any faulty landing gear before, and its clearly it just a refinement in manufacturing on DJI side. Just enjoy your bird and fly. I'm enjoying my B model every minutes since February.
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Disregard my rubber boot comment once the worm drive went into travel mode I can see worm drive screw. Sorry didn't mean to confuse anyone.
B vs D...so the plot thickens...maybe the D is NOT an improvement? Maybe just a way to save $? I'll keep my B with CNC machine parts...looks better anyway!
I'm not a mechanical engineer... but to me the new method of attaching the gear to the screw is an improvement. Using fewer parts and reducing the number of attachment points should reduce friction forces. And any force put on the "nut" while raising/lowering will cause it to wobble, introducing unnatural forces and eventually bending.

Call me paranoid, but another reason I would "prefer" a D is that it will have been manufactured more recently and thus spent less time in a warehouse or in the hands of a shipper. Why wouldn't I want one that has come right off the line, straight to a cargo plane and the dealer vs. one that's been where for the past 3 months?

That said, I'm accepting fate and keeping my B. At least it came with 14 props. I will be careful to operate the gear only on low friction surfaces and lubricate the screw per DJI maintenance recommendations. Cheers.
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Ok, then whatever is intended by this:

Section II, item #4: After the landing gear rises, check the lead screws and bearings. If any dirt or dust is found, clean and grease the bearings.

Or maybe I was thinking of this, though I'm not a user of WD40:
Section II item #2 Check the lead screws and contact DJI Support to arrange repairs if any bending or damage is discovered. Clean the lead screws with WD-40 spray if they show signs of rust.

Lubrictate the screw? Where is that in the manual?
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